Is It True that Allergic Reactions Can Arise due to Suggestions?

Itchy skin is a skin problem that is quite often experienced by everyone. The causes can vary, usually due to food allergies, dust mites, insect bites, cold allergies, and so on. However, have you ever felt itchy and eager to scratch the skin, even though there are actually no bumps or rashes on the skin? If so, allergic reactions that arise may come from your suggestion or feeling. Why is that?

Could an allergic reaction arise because of suggestion?

Is It True that Allergic Reactions Can Arise due to Suggestions?

Although itchy skin is usually caused by exposure to allergens, it turns out that this problem can also appear for no apparent reason. Unwittingly, this itching and the sensation of scratching that you experience can come from your own subconscious mind. Yes, all this is just your suggestion that suddenly appears and makes your skin itchy and hot.

This condition is called psychogenic itching. Itchy psychogenic is the appearance of an excessive urge to scratch the skin without a clear cause. This desire and urge to scratch the skin is not caused by disease, but rather comes from suggestion or your own subconscious. For this reason, psychogenic itching is not a skin disease but rather is referred to as a psychological disorder.

Why can the skin itch because of the suggestion?

It feels almost impossible if you can experience itchy skin, runny nose, and shortness of breath just because of many thoughts. But in fact, this type of itching is indeed quite unique because it can be triggered by suggestions from each other's minds.

Psychogenic itchy skin usually occurs in parts of the body that are easily reached by the hand, such as the face, arms, legs, abdomen, thighs, upper back, and shoulders. Even though the itching is very disturbing, you should never scratch it. Instead of relieving itching, scratching habits actually make the skin feel more itchy and hot.

People who are affected by psychogenic itch tend to not be able to tell which itchiness is due to feeling or is itchy due to allergens. According to a 2013 study from Current Psychiatry, this allergic reaction is generally triggered by a person's emotional disturbances. For example because of prolonged stress or drastic mood swings.

Take an example of pruritic skin disease. This itchy sensation can be even worse if the mind is chaotic or not calm. This is because skin cells and brain tissue are formed from the same neuroectodermal structure so that reactions that appear on the skin can be a sign of a hidden brain disorder.

According to a 2013 study from Clinics in Dermatology, patients affected by eczema tend to experience itching after seeing videotapes of other people who are scratching. This is said to be able to make patients become stressed and cause the number of immune cells to increase.

Immune cells in the skin should function to reduce inflammation of the skin. However, if produced excessively, this can actually exacerbate inflammation and cause more severe allergic reactions to the skin. That's why you will unconsciously be moved to continue scratching the skin even if it doesn't feel itchy.

In addition, stress can also stimulate the body to produce the hormone cortisol which can increase oil levels in the skin. This excess oil on the skin can aggravate the skin disease that you are currently experiencing.

Some people with psoriasis or eczema will be prone to relapse when under stress. This proves that an allergic reaction to the skin can arise only because of a suggestion in one's mind.

How to control suggestion so the skin does not itch

The best way to prevent itchy skin because of this one allergic reaction is to control your own mind. An ear, nose and throat specialist, Murray Grossan, MD, revealed that make sure you get enough rest so that your mind is much calmer and reduces allergic reactions.

Also, balance exercises regularly to generate a good mood to prevent stress. Because the sport can stimulate the production of adrenal hormones that can make the respiratory system more smoothly.

The easier you manage your breathing, the easier you will be to control stress in life. As a result, allergic reactions no longer appear and make you much healthier.