3 Ways to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends: Bang bang

In the Mobile Legends game itself, there are various currencies that you can get, among others: Battle Points, Tickets, Fragments and Diamonds. As one of the premium currency in Mobile Legends game: Bang bang. Getting a Diamonds for free is a pretty difficult thing.

Even so, there are several ways you can do to get Diamonds Mobile Legends for free. Here are the ways. In the Mobile Legends game: Bang bang, Diamonds can be used for various things, such as:

  • Buy Hero
  • Buying Skin
  • Play the lucky spin
  • Get rare skins from the event
  • Sending Diamond to others
  • Sending Skin to others
  • Choose a hero in Brawl mode

1. Live Streaming

One way to get the first free Diamonds is to do Live Streaming. Mobile Legends features Live Stream where you can view other people's games in real time. When viewing live streaming, you can give Diamonds directly. Amount of grant starting from:

  • Flower: 2 Diamond
  • Jewelry: 6 Diamond
  • Roadster: 250 Diamond
  • Yacht: 1000 Diamond
  • Airplane: 5000 Diamond

By enabling the Live Stream feature, you will likely be given free Diamonds by people who love your game.

2. Take the Tournament

Next is to follow a tournament. When this article was created, Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends game has a tournament that you and your squad team can follow. The amount of prizes is quite large, among others:

Squad Winner: 50,000 Diamond per member
2nd place: 30,0000 Diamond per member
3rd & 4th Position: 15,000 Diamond per member
5th Position: 8: 10,000 Diamond per member

By following and winning a tournament, of course you can get Diamonds for free.

3. Through the pulse-producing application

Last is to use one of the pulse-generating applications. Rat Rats has already shared a variety of applications that you can use to get credit for free.