7 Ways to Get Free Skin Mobile Legends: Bang bang

To make the look of hero in Mobile Legends so much cooler than before there are many skins that can be used. Skin in Mobile Legends: Bang bang alone can be earned by purchasing with Diamond, the premium currency in the game.

But apparently, there are several ways you can do to get and use skin hero in Mobile Legends for free, without the need to spend money.

Here is how to get Mobile Legends free skin

Skin Mobile Legends Free

1. Login every day

How to get the first free skin is by logging in every day. On the seventh day, you will get a box containing Skin that you can use for free.

2. Lucky Spin

Next with lucky spin. Within two weeks, Moonton will give you a Lucky Spin that can be played by players. In Lucky Spin there is Skin Mobile Legends which can be obtained for free.

3. Go to Higher Rank

How to get the next free Mobile Legends skin is to go to a higher rank. In every season (3 months) Moonton will give free skin for players who successfully reach Master or above.

In addition to skin, there is also a Ticket and Battle Point that you will get.

4. Using Fragments

In addition to Battle Points (BP), Diamonds and Tickets, there's more currency in Mobile Legends available. The currencies are Premium Skins Fragments and Rare Skins Fragmets.

Although getting fragments is quite difficult, you can still get it for free through various events in the game. If you have enough, you can swap fragments with various free Mobile Legends skins!

5. Use Skin Trial

For those of you who want to try skin for free, Mobile Legends has various Skin Trials that you can get. Skin Trial is present for various heroes, skin trial duration ranging from 1 day, 3 days to 7 days.

6. Win the Global Competition

If you successfully win any of the official global competition offline. Automatically you will get Skin free. One of her skins is Layla: Blue Specters.

7. Live Streaming

Last is to do live streaming. It never hurts to enable live streams while playing. If any sultan comes and suddenly gives you a lot of diamonds.

You can use the diamond to buy skins for free.