Bad Effect of Repealing Eyebrow

Blush is the hair that grows on the eyelid which serves to protect the eyes from sweat and so forth. In addition to functioning as a protector of the eyes, eyebrows also play an important role in supporting a person's appearance or beauty. Eyelashes also can show a person's emotional expression.

Eyebrow Repeal Health Hazards Required For You Go

Although eyebrows play an important role in terms of beauty, many women are not satisfied with their eyebrows, they revoke or even shave off their eyebrows and replace them with an eyebrow pencil or tattoos. But keep in mind, eyebrows made of a pencil or a tattoo will not be able to protect the eyes from sweat or other things.

Prohibition shaved eyebrows by religion and not without reason, because shaving the eyebrows in the medical world can also be bad. Well here are some of the harmful effects of shaving the eyebrows.

1. Causes wound

The first danger of shaving the eyebrows is can cause injuries. Repeal eyebrows with too rough will cause injury and eyebrows are reluctant to grow again. It is conceivable if the eyebrows do not want to grow again, your appearance will look cute and not interesting anymore.

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2. Causing infection

If you like the pull eyebrows with tweezers, you please be careful because it can lead to infection, trauma and swelling, as well as ingrown hair. So avoid revoking eyebrows, since it could ruin the appearance can also cause danger to health.

3. Causes skin discoloration

The habit of unplugging skin can also cause skin color. This is because unplugging the skin can make the skin burn. The skin will become dark, red or even become brighter and uneven which is very disturbing appearance.

4. Difficulty sleeping nights

Repeal eyebrows will also cause you trouble sleeping at night or insomnia. It is caused by pulling their eyebrows causes nervous tension that makes you trouble sleeping or sleep you become qualified.
5. There teroid hormone secretion

Repeal eyebrows can cause hormone secretion teroid ie unequal conditions of hormones in the female body. As a result women will experience irregular menstrual cycles, weight gain or fat and nervous tension.

6. Irritation of the eyes

Alis function may protect our eyes. You can imagine us without eyebrows, eyes certainly are not protected anymore. As a result, the drought will easily get into the eyes and cause the eyes to become irritated.

7. The risk of the appearance of acne

Acne can also appear due to the habit of unplugging eyebrows, especially if the use of certain drugs. The skin will be itching or irritation with the result that appears bump called a pimple.

8. Metal Substance 

Besides can cause acne, plucking eyebrows with certain drugs can also affect the skin contaminated by metal contained in the drug. As a result, the skin becomes irritated, pimple and infection.

9. Triggering of cancer

Cancer is a deadly disease that is feared, but cancer can also grow as a result of trivial things like pulling the eyebrows. Repeal eyebrows can lead to cancer, especially in women. This is due to pull their eyebrows can cause blood clots and eventually will lead to the inception of cancer cells.

Such information about the dangers to health eyebrows revoke that you must know. Besides being prohibited religion, plucking eyebrows did have an impact hazard to health. May the above information helpful. Thanks.