Benefits of Celery For Beauty

Celery is a green vegetable is also one of the spices that have a fragrance to add aroma cuisine. Celery has a slightly spicy flavor and is often used as a complement to soups, stir-fries and other fried foods. Aside from being an addition to cooking smells, celery is also added to meet the nutritional intake. Celery contains vitamins A, B, C and E are needed by our body.

Benefits of Celery For Beauty

With much of the vitamin content, of course celery has many benefits for the health of our bodies. Besides celery also contains fiber which is quite high, so good for the diet and digestive system. Vitamins and fiber in the celery leaves also make them have many benefits for skin beauty.

Well talk about the benefits of celery for beauty. In our chance this time, we will explain about anything what the benefits of celery for beauty. Here are the benefits of celery for beauty.

1. Beautify Skin

Celery can beautify your skin. Celery contains up to 95% water so it can nourish and prevent cell dehydration, so the skin becomes soft and supple. Water and antioxidants found in celery can detoxify the body, free radicals, preventing damage to cells so that the skin is free from various problems.

2. Overcoming oily skin

Celery can overcome the problem of oily skin. Yes celery contains active substances that can reduce oil production in the skin. To overcome the problem of oily skin with celery fairly easy, prepare some  leaves, wash clean, and then you cut into small pieces. You soak in the water input into the refrigerator to cool and wash your skin with these ingredients before bed or when you feel your skin oily.

3. Eliminate Acne

Acne is most common skin problems experienced by everyone. With celery, acne problems can be solved. To treat acne with celery is easy, that you mix the celery juice with a few drops of tree oil, apply on the skin thoroughly and evenly. Let stand until dry and pervasive, then you rinse with water until clean.

4. Coping with aging

Celery is excellent for keeping skin to stay youthful. Celery contains many vitamins and nutrients that are essential for producing collagen so that the skin becomes taut and supple and youthful. The problem of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines can be overcome by using a mask of celery. 

5. Brighten the skin

Celery masks that are used routinely can make skin bright, white and naturally beautiful. Celery contains potassium, magnesium, and selenium into a special and important mineral to brighten the skin.

6. Overcoming bad breath

Bad breath caused by germs found in the mouth can be overcome with the celery. It is very easy, that you just have to chew or consume celery.

7. Hair Blacken

To blacken your hair does not necessarily have to go to the salon. You can do it yourself at home hair treatment that uses a celery. Yes except the celery are also can make the hair into lustrous black.

8. Nourish hair

If it is usually to nourish hair people use coconut milk or coconut water, you can also nourish the hair by using celery. Celery is able to nourish hair and stimulate hormones your hair so the hair becomes thick growth of naturally beautiful and healthy.

Such information about the benefits of celery for the beauty of skin and hair. Celery is not only enhancing the aroma of vegetables, but celery can also be a mask which can make the skin to be beautiful and sunny.