Benefits of Clove For Health And Beauty

Clove is a spice that has many benefits. Cloves are herbs that can cure various diseases. Clove warm nature is often used in mixed drinks to warm the body as well as ginger or turmeric. Cloves are also used as an ingredient manufacturer of cigrettes. 

Benefits of Clove Million For Health And Beauty

Cloves contain eugenol compound wherein the compound has the content levels of 72 to 90 percent as the main constituent of the compound contains oil in cloves. Eugenol compounds have properties or general anesthetic and antiseptic properties that serve to eliminate bacteria, especially the teeth and mouth. This has led many dentists use clove oil as an anesthetic teeth. 

Besides compound eugenol, clove also contains substances other good as essential oils, vanillin, tannins, beta-carotene rich in antioxidants, acid galotanan, rhamnetin, stigmasterol, metilsalisilat useful for relieving pain, acid krategolat, and compounds titerpenod (consisting of acid oleanolat, stigmasterol and campesterol acid). So many good substances contained in the cloves make clove has many benefits for health and beauty.

Well friends, on this occasion, we will explain about the benefits of cloves for health and beauty. Here are the benefits of cloves.
Clove benefits for health

1. Treating toothache

As has been described above where the content of eugenol in cloves very useful to treat toothache. Cloves itself has been used since centuries ago as a natural remedy for toothache. How to use it is very easy, you just dab clove oil on the tooth cavities or ill, the results were remarkable, toothache will disappear instantly. This is because the nature of the quarrel antibiotics that kill bacteria that cause tooth pain.
2. Troubleshooting colds and other respiratory disorders

Or a cold or other respiratory diseases can also be overcome by using cloves. In this case you can mix clove oil with honey and input into your drink, drink 2 times a day. Warm effect arising from the cloves will ease the respiratory system, so the cold can be resolved.

3. Warms the body

Similarly, ginger, cloves also have simlar substances. You can warm the body by consuming a clove directly or applying clove oil on your body.

4. Coping with nausea, vomiting and colds as well as flatulence

The problem of nausea, vomiting, colds and abdominal bloating can also be overcome with cloves. Compounds and substances contained in cloves is very powerful once to overcome the problem of nausea and vomiting. Cloves also have the effect warms the body, so the problem colds and abdominal bloating can also be resolved. 

5. Relieves cough

Cough problems are also caused by the respiratory system. As mentioned in the previous point where the cloves can overcome the respiratory system problems. Problems itching in the throat also can be lost by taking cloves. May feel bitter when eating cloves, but the chemical constituents present in the clove is a natural expectorant Yag can solve phlegm. 

6. Fight Cancer

Although many are opposed to the benefits of cloves for the fight against cancer, but in fact studies have shown that the cloves potent against cancer, particular cancers of the skin, lungs and digestive tract.

7. Preventing inflammation 

Flavonoid compounds found in cloves effective to prevent inflammation or inflammation. Anti inflammatory properties are also very good for arthritic patients.
8. Reduce pain

Clove oil is also excellent for overcoming or reducing the pain due to collision or others. It is very easy once you apply clove oil on the skin is painful.

9. mosquito repellent

Many people who do not know that clove is very effective to repel mosquitoes. It is very well for clove mosquito breeding place or cause of malaria, dengue fever and other diseases caused by mosquitoes.

10. Improve the digestive system

Cloves help relax the smooth coating, thus helping vomiting, diarrhea, intestinal gas and abdominal pain. But its use must also comply with a sufficient dose. This is because the very strong clove substance can irritate the stomach. 

11. Addressing sinusitis

Many studies linking cloves with sinusitis problems. How to use it is by way of putting powdered cloves in part nostril.

12. Healthy heart

Cloves contain eugenol which is great for heart health. Eugenol contained in the cloves used to prevent blood clotting thus preventing heart attacks and strokes.
Benefits of clove for beauty

Benefits of Clove For Health And Beauty

Cloves are not only beneficial to health, but cloves also has many benefits for beauty. Here are the benefits of cloves for beauty.

1. Addressing and treating acne

Acne problem is a classic problem that is never-ending. Yes acne is a skin problem that is most often experienced by everyone. Although not a serious disease, but acne can ruin a person's appearance. Now you too can overcome the problem of acne using cloves. To do that you apply clove oil on your acne. Clove oil is anti-microbial that kills bacteria.

2. Eliminate the black spots 

Clove oil is also good to get rid of black spots such as acne scars and others. Caraya very easy once you apply clove oil on black spots on the skin. Make a daily routine.

3. Remove dead skin cells

Clove oil is also effective to remove dead skin cells, the Same way that you apply oil on the skin is a rough quarrel or black.

4. Eliminate scars

The scar is also the dead skin cells that accumulate. As mentioned in the previous point where the powerful clove oil to remove dead skin cells. It means clove oil is also effective for removing scars. To do that you apply clove oil on the scars regularly every day.

5. Removal of bad breath

Mulu odor often makes us less confident. Yet quiet, the problem of bad breath can be treated with oil of cloves or clove stem. The content of eugenol in cloves can kill the bacteria that cause bad breath, but it is also effective for treating canker sores and toothaches.

6. Hair Conditioner

Clove oil benefits for hair conditioner is on. Clove oil will keep moisture from hair and dry hair and make black hair and sparkle.

7. Preventing hair loss

Hair loss is a frightening specter once. This is because hair loss can cause baldness and ruin the appearance. But you do not need to worry, the hair loss problem can be solved with clove oil. To overcome that by applying clove oil on the hair and scalp evenly. Let stand for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

8. Overcoming Baldness

Baldness can also be above the clove oil. To do that you apply clove oil on the scalp evenly. Let stand for 15 minutes and rinse with water until clean.