Benefits of Salt Water For Beauty Skin

To get a beautiful skin is not always we have to use beauty products. Because we can also use natural materials that exist around us to get beautiful skin glow. There are many natural ingredients that can be used for the treatment of facial as a natural mask of yam, honey, olive oil, milk and so on.

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Well, friends, talk about the care with natural ingredients, this time we will explain one of the treatments using natural ingredients that is easy and cheap, natural ingredients are salt water. Yes many do not know if it's salt water to save a lot of benefits for the beauty of our skin.

Water containing sulfur and potassium salts useful in the water balance of the skin. Besides the salt water is also excellent for removing dirt and excluded groups to acne. Well here are some health benefits to salt water.

1. Eliminate Acne

As mentioned just above where salt water is able to get rid of acne. The content of sulfur or sulfur and potassium salts are able to keep moisture in the skin and kills bacteria that cause acne. Acne will be more easily cured. In addition, the brine is also good for cleaning stains on the skin.

2. Eliminate blackheads

Not only have acne, blackheads can also be overcome by salt water. As has been described above in which salt water is able to clean the skin and pores of the skin so that the blackhead problem can be addressed and prevented with salt water.

3. Clean the skin pores

Brine powerful tool to address and prevent blackheads and pimples. This is because of the benefits of salt water that clean the pores of dirt that clogged. As we know that the main cause of acne and blackheads are skin pores are clogged.

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4. Remove dead skin cells

The brine can be a powerful scrub facial skin once to remove dead skin cells. The way you can mix it with olive oil. Combine the salt water and olive oil, then you rub, scrub and massage gently on the skin, leave on for 20 minutes and rinse with water until clean.

5. Brighten the skin

By way of such points, the salt water can also brighten the skin. Piling the dead skin cells in addition to making the skin dull, it also makes the skin look darker. Lifting dead skin cells to make skin brighter and naturally beautiful.

6. Smooth the skin

Facial scrub than beneficial to remove dead skin cells is also beneficial for the skin. To do that you rub and rub salt water on the skin, you can mix it with other natural ingredients such as honey or olive oil.

7. Eliminate scars

The scars are dead skin cells that accumulate. As has been described above in which salt water is able to remove dead skin cells. That means the brine is also able to remove the scar. The salt water is also excellent to help heal wounds, although it sometimes feels sore. No wonder if the person who has a wound will quickly heal after bathing in the sea.

8. Eliminate black spots

The problem of dark spots like acne scars can also be overcome by salt water. Dark spots or acne itself is basically dead skin cells. To eliminate black spots you can just do a scrub with salt water.

Such benefits salt water beautifulauty skin. Now you do not need to spend lots of money to buy beauty products, because you can do a cheap treatment using salt water.