Causes And How To Overcome Eyelash Loss

For women lashes very important because very supportive of female beauty. Many things are done by women for the sake of beautifying the eyelashes. Even women are willing to spend lots of money to have beautiful eyelashes and beautiful. So what if you love eyelashes suddenly fall out. It must be very frightening not.

Penyebab Dan Cara Mengatasi Bulu Mata Rontok

Many thought that the collapse of the eyelashes because there are people who miss with us. But believe it or not, the loss of eyelashes must be overcome in order not to interfere with the appearance. Hair loss on the eyelashes caused by many things. Well before we talk about how to overcome the loss of eyelashes. We identify the first cause of loss to the eyelashes.

The cause eyelashes to fall out

- poor nutritional intake
- Often rubbed his eyes
- Hormonal changes
- Exposure to chemicals
- The psychological pressure such as stress or depression
- Diseases
- Certain drugs
- Effects of Chemotherapy
- And so on

How to cope with the loss of eyelashes

Although it is rare, but loss of the eyelashes quite disturbing, because it can ruin the appearance. But you do not need to worry, there are some powerful and natural way to overcome and prevent the lashes that do not fall again. Here are some ways to cope with and prevent loss of eyelashes.

1. Candlenut

The first way is to use candlenut. Why should hazelnut, pecan excellent for all to health and beauty hair, good head of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes mustache. How to take an hazelnut that you burn, then you mashed, then apply on eyelashes or eyebrows carefully. Let stand down at least 1 hour, after which you rinse thoroughly.

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2. Use eyelash grower

If your hair loss is a very severe eye. You are advised to use eyelash grower products. However, you must ensure eyelash grower products you will use is a safe product and is listed on the competent health authorities. These eyelash grower products usually gel that you apply on your lashes.
3. Keeping eye

To prevent the loss of the eyelashes, of course, you must keep your eye hygiene. Clean all the makeup, especially mascara before you sleep. Avoid rubbing the eyes, especially with the hands in a dirty, dirty eyes that would cause the eyelashes to fall out. 

4. Avoid using expired or fake makeup 

Expired Make up would be very dangerous for skin health also your lashes. Especially if you use makeup makeup is counterfeit or fake, it could be your skin will be damaged even skin cancer, as well as your lashes. 
5. Be selective in choosing products 

Choose eyelash beauty products that contain protein, vitamins or growth agents. Choose products that are proven to be safe that has been clinically tested and does not cause allergies. 

Such information about the cause and how to cope with the loss of eyelashes. Lashes fall out is rare in a person, but the loss of the eyelashes may damage the appearance, especially for women. Hopefully the above tips can help friends overcome and prevent loss of eyelashes. Thanks