Efficacy of Dragon Fruit For Skin

Dragon fruit is a fruit that has a unique shape that is like the scales of a dragon. Bentunya resembling dragon scales that make the fruit dubbed as dragon fruit. Although it has a strange shape, but the dragon fruit taste good, no wonder many who like the fruit that comes from the American continent.

Efficacy Dragon Fruit For Beauty Skin

In the everyday life of dragon fruit has many benefits for health and beauty. Among these benefits is to avoid, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, sharpen vision and many other benefits. Not only for health alone, dragon fruit also has many benefits for skin beauty.

Well, friends talk about the benefits of dragon fruit, this time we will provide an explanation of the benefits of dragon fruit for skin beauty. Dragon fruit which we know as the delicious fruit is proved to have many benefits for the beauty of the skin. No wonder many women who use dragon fruit as a beauty mask.

The content of dragon fruit
Before we discuss the benefits of dragon fruit for skin care, we first identify the nutritional content contained in dragon fruit. The dragon fruit has nutrients such as kiwi fruit, namely iron, protein, calcium, and vitamin C, which has many benefits for the body and the health of our skin. Dragon fruit is also rich in vitamin B3 useful to brighten and smooth the skin. Well here are some of the benefits of dragon fruit to beauty.

1. Brighten the skin
Just as mentioned earlier where the dragon fruit contains vitamin B3 in which the vitamin is able to brighten the skin. Thus, dragon fruit we can make it as natural ingredients to make your skin naturally brighter. To do that you dragon fruit puree with the way in juice, then make it as a face mask.

2. Moisturize and smooth skin
Vitamin B3 in dragon fruit is also good for the skin. Moreover dragon fruit also contains lots of water, even up to 80%. The content of the abundant water can make your skin always moist and the rest from various skin problems. The trick is to make the dragon fruit as a face mask. Soften dragon fruit, then you apply on your face and neck evenly, let sit for 30 minutes, then rinse with cold water. Do this once a week for maximum results.

3. Protect your skin from the sun's UV rays
UV rays of the sun are free radicals that can damage skin. The skin is often exposed to the sun will make the skin becomes dull, dark, rough and various other skin problems. So by using the mask of dragon fruit, our skin will be protected. The trick is to make the dragon fruit juice and cucumber water, then you mix it with a little honey, then you put on the face and neck. Let stand for 20 minutes you just rinse with cold water. Perform routine times a week so that your skin is always protected from sun damage.

4. Prevent and cure acne
Acne is a common problem that affects everyone. Although the general problem and not a serious illness, but acne can ruin the appearance of a person so that the acne problem must be addressed immediately. However you will not be confused in the face of the acne problem. Acne can be addressed using the dragon fruit. Yes dragon fruit contains vitamin C which will be an antioxidant that can prevent and cure acne. The trick you by coating dragon fruit puree blended and then apply on your skin, leave on for 15 minutes and rinse with cold water. Do it every morning.

5. Remove dead skin cells
Dead skin cells that accumulate in addition to making the skin becomes rough, dull and dark also makes the skin may be uncomfortable. Dragon fruit can cope with the dead skin cells by lifting it. Yes dragon fruit will help remove dead skin cells and stimulate growth of new skin cells. Thus like skin cells of acne scars, dark spots and so forth can be overcome with dragon fruit. The trick is made of dragon fruit as a face mask.

6. Eliminate the scar
The scars are disturbing, especially if there are scars on the skin. But you do not need to fret. Problems scars can also be overcome by using a mask dragon fruit. It is very easy, softening the dragon fruit then you apply on your scars. let stand for 15 minutes and rinse with water until clean. Acting repeatedly to scar quickly disappear.

7. Decrease the pores of the skin
Having skin pores which besat certainly very disturbing. Skin pores are a large addition to unsightly also can cause skin problems such as acne or blackheads. Now you can shrink the pores of the skin by using a mask of dragon fruit. Apply a dragon fruit juice on the skin, leave on for 15 minutes and rinse with water until clean.

8. Preventing and addressing the problem of aging
The problem of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and so forth is very disturbing, especially if it arises when a young age or often also called premature aging. Aging often makes people less confident. Well, the problem of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines can be overcome by using a mask of dragon fruit. The content of nutrients and water in the dragon fruit can make the skin becomes taut again, so aging problems can be addressed and prevented