Habits That Can Damage Eyelash

Eyelash is one part of the body located around the eyes. Eyelashes serves as eye protection. But for women, the eyelashes are also very supportive of the appearance. Having gorgeous lashes will make her look dazzling. No wonder so many women who beautify their eyelashes with mascara or even use false eyelashes.

Habits That Can Ruin Lash

But you do a wrong treatment of the eyelashes can make eyelashes actually broken even fall out. The use of beauty products that are less eyelashes can cause damage to the lashes, so that your lashes are not pretty anymore.

Well talk about the care of the eyelashes, we will provide some habits that can damage the pins you realize your lashes. As a woman you must know it is not soon regretted your habits which proved to eyelashes. Here are some habits that it can damage the lashes.

1. Lack of attention to cleanliness eyelashes

Like other body parts, eyelashes also need to be kept clean. Make sure you always keep lashes every day, try to avoid touching the eyelashes by hand, especially when hands are dirty. Otherwise, the hair follicles become clogged because it contains the oil glands. It can cause inflammation causing hair loss or eyelashes grow in different directions.

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2. Apply false eyelashes

The second habit which can damage the cilia is wrong in applying the lashes. If you use false eyelashes, then you must pay attention to your natural lashes, if the original experience thinning eyelashes, it was a sign eyelash glue too much, or use false eyelashes are layered and can be because you are too rough when removing it. To overcome this, it helps you use essential oils are slowly lengthened lash line so the remaining glue can be lost.

3. Using mascara

It is a habit that misguided usually done by women. Melentikan lashes after mascara use can make eyelashes become rigid and easy to fall off. If you do this on an ongoing basis to make the curvature of the lashes to be strange and eyelashes will fall out.
4. Do not use make-up remover right

Well very important for those of you who use mascara to observe make up remover you will use, not to make up remover you use would damage your lashes. Type of cleanser or makeup remover that is good, that contain oil, especially if you use a mascara waterproof or waterproof mascara.

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5. Too often use waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara is waterproof mascara and more difficult to clean than other types of mascara. Even if you use a makeup remover containing oil though, still requires extra time and effort to clean it up. This is what ultimately causes the eyelashes to fall out, not to mention the former rubbing the surrounding area will cause wrinkles which ultimately reduces your beauty. Therefore, it helps you use waterproof mascara on certain occasions only, and not too often.

Such information about the Habits That Can Ruin Lash. Avoid the habits before there is damage to your lashes. May the above information helpful. Thanks.