How to Instantly Whiten Skin With Jicama

Having a whiter and brighter skin is the desire of all women. So do not be surprised if women are willing to spend much money and are willing to do whatever, to have white skin and bright. It is also due to that beautiful face very closely with the white skin, bright and smooth.

How Instant Whitens Skin With Pati Sari Bengkoang

To get a whiter and brighter skin that indeed there are many ways, and it can be started when they were teenagers. However we recommend in skin whitening by using natural ingredients, why should use natural materials? Because natural ingredients do not contain chemicals that can harm the skin, but that with natural materials would also provide a perfect result.

Many natural ingredients that can be used to bleach the skin, one of which is by using Jicama. Jicama is a natural ingredient that is very effective once the whiten and brighten the skin. No wonder today is a lot of skin care products that use ingredients from the jicama extract.

Jicama commonly used as a facial mask to whiten or lighten the skin, but there are way more instant or quick to bleach the skin by using jicama. To do that we take the essence of jicama and we use as a face mask. To take the essence of jicama is not difficult. 

How to make a jicama mask 

- Prepare fruit to taste jicama
- Peel and discard the skin
- Wash jicama peeled
- Cut up into pieces
- After the grated jicama until soft
- Squeeze water that has been shredded jicama
- Set aside the juice for 30 minutes or until settles
- Separate the water and sediment of jicama
- Make the quintessence jicama as a face mask 
- Clean your skin first with cold water
- Apply the juice of the jicama evenly on the skin
- Let stand for about 30 minutes
- Rinse with warm water
- Rinse again with cold water to close the pores of the skin

A quintessence of jicama very powerful and effective once the whiten and brighten the skin Besides being whitened and brighten the skin, jicama also has many other benefits for the skin. Here's another benefit of jicama

Another benefit of jicama

- Coping with Acne
- Overcoming blackheads
- Coping with black spots
- Overcoming oily and dull skin
- Coping with dry skin
- Addressing and intercept premature aging
- Moisturize skin
- Tighten the skin
- Eliminate the scar on the face
- Eliminate the black spots acne scars
- And so on