Natural Ingredients to lengthen eyelashes

It has long eyelashes, thick and tapering would make a woman look beautiful and fascinating, that's why long eyelashes thick and tapering into a dream of all women. Various ways and treatments done for the sake of the woman can get thick lashes and tapering. But sometimes the wrong woman to perform maintenance that would damage or make the lashes to fall out.

Natural Ingredients to lengthen eyelashes

To make the lashes look thick, slender and beautiful, most women use mascara, false eyelashes to use eyelash extensions. In this way, it lashes the woman will look very pretty stunning in an instant. But it is not natural and will disappear when we wash our face.

However, you do not need to worry, there are many natural ways that can make your lashes into long, thick and natural tapering. The natural way is certainly not complicated, and certainly is festive. The following natural ingredients to lengthen eyelashes.

1. Olive oil

The first natural ingredients that can be used to lengthen the lashes is to use olive oil. Olive oil contains vitamin E which is excellent for the health and beauty of hair, including hair on the eye, namely eyelashes. To use it is very easy, you simply apply olive oil on the eyelashes at night before bed, and let stand overnight. You can do it every day.

2. Coconut oil

The next natural ingredients by using coconut oil. Coconut oil in addition to good skin care, beauty is also good for hair and eyelashes. Using coconut oil can stimulate hair growth is also lashes. Thus, coconut oil is able to make the lashes become longer and thicker. How to use it together with olive oil, which apply coconut oil on the lashes before bed and leave it overnight.

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3. Castor Oil

In addition to olive oil and coconut oil, we can also use castor oil to make eyelashes become long and tapering naturally beautiful. Castor oil can be found in the market. How to use it is the same, ie apply castor oil on eyelashes before bedtime, and let stand overnight.
4. Green tea

Green tea can also make eyelashes become dense and long. Green tea is known as a natural substance that is rich in benefits, better benefits for health and beauty. In beauty hair, one of the benefits of green tea that is to makes hair grow long and strong, as well as eyelashes. How to use it easily. Brewed green tea, it's good that the powder, then use a cotton swab, dip in green tea and glue on the lashes, for about 5 minutes. then rinse with water until clean.

5. The betel leaf

Betel leaf is rich in vitamin E which is very good for the beauty of hair, and eyelashes. You can also combine aloe gel with betel leaf to obtain maximum results in lengthening eyelashes. It's easy once, namely betel leaf mash until smooth, then mix with aloe vera gel and apply eye lashes, let stand for 30 minutes, then rinse with water until clean.

Thus information about all natural ingredients to lengthen eyelashes. To lengthen lashes, you do not need to be complicated to use Maskar or so forth, because you can make your eyelashes grow longer naturally with care using natural materials. May the above information helpful. Thanks.