Natural Ways to Thicken and lengthen eyelashes

eyelashes are very influential hair on one's beauty, especially the beauty of the eye. This makes most women use makeup or various beauty products to make the lashes look long and beautiful. But it can also have a negative impact on the eyelashes. The use of makeup or beauty products continuously will make the lashes damaged or even fall out. 

So how do I make the lashes look long and beautiful be? Actually, there are many ways to make eyelashes become long and beautiful, but we encourage you to always use a natural way. The natural way is not going to give an instant impact, but the natural way is much safer and has no side effects compared to the beauty products that have been mixed with various chemicals.

Natural Ways to Thicken and lengthen eyelashes

Close friends before we discuss how to make eyelashes become long and beautiful. We discuss first cause loss of eyelashes broken and we want no one in the treatment of eyelashes. Here are some of the causes broken eyelashes and loss.

Cause damaged lashes and loss

1. Often rubbed his eyes

The main cause eyelashes are damaged and fall off because of habit rubbed his eyes. Rubbed his eyes but can cause broken eyelashes can also cause damage to the surface layer of the eye. It will get worse if rubbed his eyes with dirty hands.

2. Make up

As described above, if the use of excessive makeup can also damage and make the lashes fall out. Make that does not comply will damage the fur, especially if you use makeup or mascara false, of course this will have a negative impact on your lashes.

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3. Heredity or genetics

The eyelashes are also affected by genetic or hereditary. Try to see your parents, if the They have thin hair feathers, maybe you will have thin hair feathers too.

4. Lack of vitamin E and protein

Nutrient intake is not only important to the body, but also for hair one hair or eyelashes. Well if you are deficient in vitamin E or protein can cause loss of hair or eyelashes were also damaged.

5. Age

For this last point does not need to be asked again, as if we had stepped on the elderly, would have a lot of cells or tissue that is damaged, as a result the body becomes weak, sluggish and the hair will fall out one hair or eyelashes.
How to thicken and lengthen lashes
Once we know the cause eyelashes broke and fall, Tenti we should be more careful and avoid the causes of so lashes stay beautiful and healthy. Well if you want to beautify your eyelashes in a way want to thicken or lengthen eyelashes, we will give you some tips. Here are some natural tips to thicken and lengthen lashes

1. Orange juice

Lime known as natural ingredients for skin care. But lime is also commonly used to treat the hair, well in this case lime juice can also help thicken and lengthen lashes. To do that you rub lemon juice on your lashes, wear just like wearing mascara, but you must be careful because it will feel sore if exposed to the eye.

2. Olive oil

The next natural ingredient is olive oil. Olive oil is known to have a million benefits for health and beauty. Well one of these benefits is to thicken and lengthen lashes. It is very easy, that you apply olive oil on the lashes as you use mascara.

3. Pecan

Kemiri is one spice that has many benefits. Kemiri is usually used as a spice in the kitchen, but the pecan is also often used to treat and cope with various hair problems. Now you can use pecans to thicken and lengthen lashes. To do that you crushed pecans until smooth and apply on the lashes, but do not be affected due to sore eyes. 

4. Coconut water

Air chief is known both to treat and to lengthen the hair including eyelashes to lengthen your hair. You can use coconut water to lengthen your lashes. To do that rub or wash your face with coconut water fresh.

5. Aloe vera

It is no secret if aloe vera is a plant that is excellent for hair health and beauty. In fact, almost all hair beauty products such as shampoo or conditioner using a mixture of aloe vera. Now therefore also aloe vera is also good for beauty eyelashes. Aloe vera can make the lashes into thick and long. To do that you apply aloe vera gel on your lashes, and do it regularly. But you should be careful if famous eyelids can cause irritation or itching. 

6. Green tea

Green tea is tea that has many benefits for the health of our bodies. Well green tea can also improve eyelashes. You can use green tea to thicken and lengthen lashes. To do that you take green tea were still fresh, then you mash, give a little warm water and then apply on the lashes using a cotton swab.
7.Daun betel

Betel leaf is very useful for beautiful eyelashes. In addition to tapering with betel leaves lashes will look bold and beautiful. However, the use that is the stalk of betel leaf. Cut the stem of betel leaf and then beautify your lashes. For maximum results you can add aloe vera gel that you mix with betel leaf that has been pounded. then apply on your lashes.

8. Baby Shampoo

You can also use baby shampoo to make into naturally beautiful eyelashes. Baby shampoo can stimulate eyelash growth becomes more go to fast. You also need not worry as baby shampoo safe if exposed to the eye.

9. Egg shrimp

It may sound strange if lengthen the lashes using shrimp eggs. However the reality shrimp eggs can make eyelashes become long and beautiful. To do that you apply the shrimp eggs on your lashes, indeed it will cause a fishy smell, but effective way to stimulate the growth of eyelashes, you can also use it on the hair.

10. Castor oil

Similarly, olive oil, castor oil is also good for lengthening eyelashes. The trick rub castor oil on the lashes before bed and leave it until morning.

11. pure Susus

The last way is by using whole milk. Whole milk in addition to brightening the skin can also beautify eyelashes. It is very easy, rubbing your lashes with pure milk and let stand a few minutes, then rinse water premises. Do it regularly, it will be long eyelashes and beautiful.

How to prevent lashes from loss

- Avoid rubbing eyes
- Do not overuse mascara
- Drink plenty of water
- Fulfill the needs of vitamin E needed by the body
- Make a habit of cleaning you lashes with makeup remover

Eyelashes is one that you must try beauty care. May the above information helpful. Thanks.