Tips to Avoid Eyelashes Fall Out

Eyelashes are hairs that grow around the eye that makes people look prettier attractive, and charming. For a man may not so care eyelashes, but not for women. Women want to always look perfect, even little things like feathers did not escape his attention. Eyelashes an eyelash in the form of desire of all women. With eyelashes women will look more dazzling.

Tips To Lash Not Easy Loss

To get their eyelashes and pretty treatments performed by women. Unfortunately, many women do not understand the treatment of eyelashes, the result instead of eyelashes more beautiful, it lashes fall out and damaged. Of course it is very scary for women. Although now there are false eyelashes, but it can not support the natural beauty.

Well in order to maintain the beauty of your eyelashes, we'll give you some surefire tips that your lashes stay beautiful and not easily fall. Here are tips to stay beautiful eyelashes and not easily fall.

1. Avoid using makeup out of date

Make up is a mandatory requirement for all women. No matter where women go, they never forget to bring makeup. Yes makeup is very important for women, this is because the makeup can make women look beautiful and fascinating. But as a woman you also have to be careful in using makeup. Currently many circulating counterfeit makeup, besides there are also fake makeup makeup that contain harmful chemicals or makeup out of date. Wrong in choosing makeup addition can damage the skin beauty will make your lashes fall out. So be careful in choosing makeup. Make sure you use make-up according to your skin type and are safe and listed in the POM Indonesia.

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2. Do not forget to clean the makeup

Makeup can indeed conjure someone's face. Women will be pretty stunning after polished with makeup, but makeup can also damage a person's beauty. Yes makeup that was not cleaned will cause skin allergies and problems such as acne and other signage. Make-up that has been mixed with dust, pollution and sweat can be bad for the skin, so clean up your makeup when you already do not need make-up again, especially when bedtime. Do not clean the makeup addition can damage the skin of the face can also make the lashes to fall out.

3. Avoid using fake eyelashes

Indeed false eyelashes will make you look beautiful and charming. However, when you use false eyelashes will encourage you to stick to the original eyelashes glue false eyelashes that can be attached. This has led to the original eyelashes easily fall out. Heavy false eyelashes that would make the original eyelashes burden and eventually become brittle and fall out. Thus, it helps you avoid the use of false eyelashes, use false eyelashes when it was needed only and should not be too frequent use.
4. Avoid the eyelash curler

Try to avoid lashes. Indeed, the eyelash curler will make your lashes look beautiful, slender and impressive. However using excessive eyelash curler will make the lashes become brittle and fall out.

Such tips for eyelashes not easily fall. In addition to doing the above tips, you are also advised to consume foods and beverages that are nutritious good for the eyes and hair. Be sure to treat the lashes with a kind and gentle. You can also take care of the lashes with olive oil to make it look slender and beautiful. May the above information helpful. Thanks.