Guide and Build Items Gusion Mobile Legends: The Blue Flash

Gusion is a hero with multiple roles, namely the assassin and the mage. This hero is able to blink towards the enemy who hit his dagger. He even managed to kill his enemy just by a single combo!  But it has weaknesses. Almost the same as the assassin or other mage, this hero has less HP. Therefore, this hero can easily become an easy target for his opponents.  And this time I will discuss Skill Analysis, Build Items, and Gameplay Gusion on Mobile Legends of this newly released hero. Let's see !! 

  • Passive Skill, Dagger Specialist: Whenever Gossen takes out a skill he will get rune for his weapon. After 3 runs collected, the basic attack then makes 10% damage to the loss of the enemy's HP.
  • The first skill, Sword Spike: Unleashes the dagger in the specified direction, and the affected enemies will be exposed to physical attacks. Press again to go directly to where the dagger's enemy is.
  • Second skill, Shadowblade Slaughter: Ejects 5 daggers in the prescribed direction, and presses back to return the dagger to Gusion.
  • The ultimate skill, Incandescence: Moving to a predetermined place, after using this skill, the first and second skills can be reused immediately. And using this skill will add movement speed Gossen for 4 seconds. Then you can use this skill again to move to a predetermined place.

Gameplay Gusion 

In the early game or the fourth minute down, Gusion is better in lord lane or mid lane using 1-1-3 formation. And for early games that game under 2 minutes Gusion task is clear minion on the lane as soon as possible. Then grab the blue buff, and do not forget to kill the jungle monster. And the last one is the focus as fast as possible to level 4 up. 

And for the mid game that is above 2 to 10 minutes you have to level 4. And if possible after clear lane you help gank your team top lane or mid or bot lane. Focus on kill marksman, mage, assassin enemies because only they have a small HP. And if you can not do the things mentioned above, it's good you focus only farm.

The last time the late game or game above 10 minutes, your first task is to always follow the war with friends. As mentioned earlier, when war you are required to lock marksman / mage / support / assassin enemies. And for when want to open war, always use skill combo one second skill then ultimate skill to make skill one and second can use again then use skill one last second. If sorted is like this: 1-2-3-2-2.

Gear for Gusion

And for the first item of Gusion you can buy a normal jungle sword, then you upgrade to Beast Killer level 2. Since every one of you kills the forest monsters you will get additional armor.

For core items, you can create Blood Wings. Because with this item you have enough magic power, and also you get additional HP effect for every 1 magic power. And the second core item is Concentrated Energy. With this item, you will get a lifesteal every time you use the skill. 

And here are the best emblems for Gusion:

For the best Battle spell is Retribution. Because by using this spell you will be quick to farm, and also because you will create a Beast Killer level 2 item, then the spell can be to slow the enemy's movement.

For Battle spell other than Retribution is Flicker. Because by using this spell you can to escape from enemy attacks, and also can catch the enemy as they escape.