5 Beautiful Natural Tips Without Cost Expensive

Always look beautiful and charming is the dream of all women. Women always do various ways and various treatments in order to perform optimally and look beautiful and perfect, even they do not hesitate to spend a lot of money for the sake of beauty treatments.

But to be able to get a natural beauty, in fact, you do not necessarily have to go beauty clinic that must spend a lot of cost. You simply do simple and natural treatment in the house. There are many natural ingredients that exist around us for our use as a beauty care ingredients, so we do not need to have to spend a lot of cost.

Talking about natural treatments, we will give you some pretty natural tips that you can try at home. These natural beauty tips do not need to spend a lot of costs, you can even do it free because the material we need is around us. Well here are 5 tips naturally beautiful without the expensive cost.

5 Beautiful Natural Tips Without Cost Expensive

Manfaat Membersihkan Kulit Wajah Dengan Lemon Tea

1. Sugar to beautify your lips
The first way to make you beautiful natural without the expensive cost is by utilizing sugar. You can use sugar as a lip scrub to make your lips red and beautiful tease. How to use it very easy, that you mix sugar with a little honey to be like patas, then you rub and rub on your lips, let stand a few minutes ago you rinse with water until clean. You can do this treatment every day to make your lips beautiful and fascinating.

2. Whiten teeth with baking soda
Having yellow teeth is certainly very disturbing, yellow teeth will make us become uncomfortable especially when smiling or laughing. But you do not have to worry, you can return your teeth to white back without having to spend a lot of cost. The trick is by using baking soda. Baking soda is very powerful in whitening teeth and threshing tartar, even the results will be immediately visible within 5 minutes. The way is you mix the baking soda with lemon juice, then you use as toothpaste, rub on your teeth for 5 minutes and let stand for a moment, then you rinse with water until clean, your teeth will be white shiny.

3. Cold spoon to overcome swollen eyes
Swollen eyes or panda eyes will be very disturbing at all, in addition to making us become uncomfortable, swollen eyes will also make us look funny and not confident. Swollen eyes themselves occur due to lack of rest, stay up or for too long in front of the computer. But you do not have to worry, swollen eye problems can be easily overcome by using a cold spoon. The trick is to paste a cold cot on your swollen eye and feel the sensation. The muscles around the eyes will become relaxed and swollen eyes or panda eyes will disappear.

4. Overcoming acne with toothpaste
Acne is a common problem suffered by everyone, especially teenagers. Although not a dangerous skin disease, acne is a serious problem, because it can damage the appearance. Well in this case also need not have to pay expensive to overcome the problem of acne. You simply use toothpaste to remove acne. The trick is you apply toothpaste on your acne, let stand 15 minutes ago then rinse with water until clean. You can also use garlic, puree garlic, then paste on acne and let stand for a night, then the acne will disappear and heal.

5. Overcoming the problem of oily hair with baby powder
Oily hair is not only annoying because it causes hair to be limp and smelly, but also causes problems with dandruff hair. But you need not worry. Oily hair problem can be overcome by using baby powder. The way is put the baby powder on the hands, then you rub on your hair, and then you comb as usual