Benefits of Coconut Oil For Face Skin Beauty

 Coconut oil is not only useful as a cooking activity, but coconut oil can also be used as a facial skin care treatment. Yes coconut oil is one of the natural ingredients that contains many nutrients for skin beauty. Today there are so many women who use coconut oil as one of their facial skin masks.

In the world of health, coconut oil can help the body increase resistance to viruses and disease-causing bacteria. Coconut oil can also affect the hormone positive to the thyroid and control blood sugar. People who consume coconut oil regularly and not excessively will experience increased insulin, and can increase metabolic system.

Benefits of Coconut Oil For Face Skin Beauty

Well some of the benefits of coconut oil for health include:
- Improves the immune system
- Nourish the heart
- Eradicate yeast infections
- Increase energy
- Control your weight
- Prevent Alzheimer
- Prevent liver disease
- Prevent kidney stones
- Treat pancreas
- Good for diabetes
- And so on

Not only for health only, coconut oil is also good for skin beauty. Here are the benefits of coconut oil for skin beauty:

Benefits of Coconut Oil For Face Skin Beauty

1. Moisturize the skin
Facial skin care using coconut oil can make the skin moist and supple. In addition, coconut oil will also emit the original color of your skin. soft coconut oil texture will blend on the skin and soak it so that it will nourish the skin. This makes coconut oil suitable as a face mask or body scrub. How to use it you simply apply coconut oil on facial skin or skin other body parts, you can also mix it with mint leaves or lavender flowers.

2. Brighten skin and make skin glow
Bright and glowing skin is the dream of all women. Well, do not need expensive treatments to get a bright and glowing beautiful skin. You simply do the treatment using coconut oil. Coconut oil will nourish the skin and make skin bright and radiant. The way simply make coconut oil as your face mask.

3. Overcoming wrinkles and signs of aging
The problem of wrinkles and signs of aging is a frightening specter for all women, but calm, the problem of aging can be prevented and overcome by using coconut oil. Coconut oil will nourish the skin and make skin moist, supple and tight, so the problem of wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging can be overcome. 

4. Overcoming acne
Acne is a common skin problem for everyone. Although not a dangerous skin disease, acne is a skin problem that is very annoying because it can damage the appearance. Well, the problem of acne can also be overcome by using coconut oil. The trick is very easy that is by applying coconut oil on your skin especially the skin that contained acne.

5. Blackheads
As with acne, blackheads are also a pretty annoying skin problem. Blackheads are dirt or dust that clogs the pores of the skin so the skin looks dirty and unattractive. For that blackhead must be overcome. You can overcome blackhead by using coconut oil, coconut oil is able to clean the dirt that clogs the pores of the skin so as to make skin clean free from acne and blackheads.

6. Cleaning makeup
Makeup is a mandatory requirement for women as supporting appearance. However, makeup can also be bad if not cleaned properly, especially if the makeup is mixed with sweat, dust, pollution and so forth. To clean the makeup, with water alone is not enough, now you can use coconut oil to help clean your makeup marks. Coconut oil will remove all the dirt on the skin, even dirt that clogs in the pores can be removed by coconut oil.

7. Smooth the skin
Coconut oil can also make the skin smooth and soft. Treatment using coconut oil as a facial or body scrub mask will make your skin healthy, beautiful, moist and soft. For that coconut oil use as one of your obligatory care.

8. Lifting dead skin cells
Dead skin cells in addition to causing the skin become dull face also makes the skin dark and not dangerous. But you need not be confused with the problem of dead skin cells. You can use coconut oil to remove dead skin cells to make your skin brighter and radiant and smooth.

9. Eliminate scars
Having a scar certainly makes us become not confident, especially if the scar is on the skin. Scars are also dead skin cells that accumulate. As mentioned above, if coconut oil is capable of removing dead skin cells. For that you can use coconut oil to overcome or eliminate scars.

10. Overcoming panda eyes
Eyes panda or eye bags is a skin condition around the blackened eyes due to less resting eyes such as lack of sleep, too much computer and so on. Of course, panda eyes or eye bags will make the appearance look funny and weird that makes us become not confident. Well, you can overcome the problem of panda eyes using coconut oil, the way is by applying coconut oil on the skin around the eyes.

11. Razor crim
If you have a skin that is so shaving cream can not be tolerated anymore, then you can use coconut oil. Yes, head oil can be your shaving cream solution that has sensitive skin.

12. Moisturize lips
Not only moisturize the skin alone, coconut oil can also moisturize the lips. Of course all people especially women want to have moist and attractive lips. Well, you simply apply coconut oil on your lips regularly every day to get moist and seductive lips.