Causes Sensitive Skin And How To Make A Suitable Moisturizer

 Sensitive skin is a skin that often has problems when touched something or when there is a change in air temperature. Skin problems such as itchy skin, red, swollen, hot and sometimes spots appear. It gets worse when the weather is hot and the skin is sweating. 

This sensitive skin is often troublesome, this is in addition to easy to experience problems, sensitive skin is also very easy to treat skin problems such as acne, dry skin, sore skin and others. For those of you who have sensitive skin, of course, you give more care to your skin is.

Causes Sensitive Skin And How To Make A Suitable Moisturizer

Manfaat Minyak Kelapa Untuk Kecantikan Kulit Wajah

Causes of sensitive skin

There are several things that cause the skin to be sensitive. Well here are some causes of skin become sensitive and problematic.

1. The use of cosmetics is not suitable
The first cause is due to use cosmetics that do not match the skin type. Cosmetics contain many ingredients that are unacceptable to the skin, especially harmful chemicals. If you often use cosmetics that do not match will cause a change in your skin from the skin of norms to sensitive skin.

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2. Ultraviolet light display
Sunlight ultraviolet sun is a free radical that can damage the beauty of our skin all. Sun exposure is too hot and will often make changes to collagen structure, pigment, and melamine in the skin becomes imperfect, resulting in the skin becomes sensitive, dark and rapidly aging.

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3. Foods that cause allergies
Sensitive skin is also caused by the food you consume. This is because of the rejection of certain substances contained in food, this is what usually cause you allergic to the food, and this also causes the skin to be sensitive.

How to make a moisturizer that is suitable for sensitive skin

Well knowing this, you should always be careful. In doing sensitive skin care you also should not be careless. Sensitive skin care is different from the skin in general. Well if you hesitate to use a moisturizer sold in the market, you can make your own moisturizer for your sensitive skin. Moisturizer made from natural ingredients, certainly safe for you to use as your sensitive skin care. Then how to make a natural moisturizer for sensitive skin? Here's how.

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- 2 tablespoons of ripe avocados smear
- 1 tbsp honey
- 1 tbsp liquid milk

How to create and how to use it
- Mix all ingredients in a bowl and stir until it is flat
- Clean with water and a special face soap that is safe for your sensitive skin
- Apply the herb on your facial skin evenly
- Let stand for 20 minutes and rinse with clean water until completely clean
- Dry with a soft towel while patted
- Use the natural mask 2-3 times a week, then the sensitive skin will slowly disappear