Excellent Natural Ingredient For Skin Nutrition

Talking about skin care, it's a lot of ways we can do to care for skin beauty. Starting from a modern treatment with a treatment in the beauty salon or beauty center we can also use natural ingredients for skin beauty treatments.

In doing beauty skin care, we should not only focus on the skin only. But we also have to pay attention to body skin of other parts. Not only facial skin that requires nutrients but the whole body skin also needs nutrients.

The treatment we can do for skin care throughout the body is to use a body scrub. Currently a lot of body scrubs sold in the market, body scrubs can remove dead skin cells, but often the body scrubs make the skin becomes rough and dull.

Well to be safe in using body scrubs, good we use natural materials. There are natural ingredients that can be a body scrub and nourish the skin. The following excellent natural ingredients once to nourish the skin.

Excellent Natural Ingredient For Skin Nutrition

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1. Coffee
The first good natural ingredient to nourish the skin is coffee. Coffee is commonly used as a face mask or scrub to remove dead skin cells. In addition to lifting dead skin cells, coffee will also treat and nourish the skin so that the skin becomes healthy and beautiful natural. Coffee also has a fragrant aroma that makes the mind relax. You can use coffee as a main ingredient or a mixture of ingredients in a scrub.

2. Olive oil
Olive oil is an excellent oil for skin health and beauty. Olive oil is commonly used as a skin moisturizer, because in addition to moisturize the skin is also able to nourish the skin so that the skin becomes healthy and beautiful. Olive oil contains vitamins A and E which are good for skin beauty also can overcome the problem of inflammation, itching, irritation and other skin problems. Thus, olive oil is suitable for your use as a beauty treatment for your body.

3. Rice
Rice is no stranger to the world of beauty. Rice is very good to brighten facial skin. Vitamin B1, C, E and ferulic work as good antioxidants to brighten and keep skin moist. For that you use rice as the main ingredient for body scrub skin care your body.

4. Gula
Speaking of skin scrubs, we should not forget sugar, sugar is the most widely used natural ingredient for scrubs. Small particles in sugar can work well in lifting dead skin cells so the skin looks bright and healthy. It also can also make the skin moist. But for those of you who have sensitive skin, you should use brown sugar that has softer particles so safe and does not cause irritation.

5. Leaf mint
The last benefit is the mint leaves. Mint leaves are excellent leaves in helping the healing process against infections or itching, mint also contains anti-inflation is very good to overcome the problem of acne. The mint leaves also have a distinctive aroma that is good for relieving the mind, so in addition to good for the skin is also good to calm the mind.