Extraordinary Benefits Butter For Beauty

Butter is one of the most commonly used foods for food supplements as in junk food. Butter does have many benefits in the world of health, but consuming butter is also not good for health. This is because butter is a material that contains a lot of fat that will cause weight and obesity.

Speaking of butter, butter is not just used as a food ingredient. But butter jug is often used as a natural ingredient for beauty treatments. Maybe for some people it sounds strange, but in reality butter does have many benefits for beauty and many women who use butter as one of the beauty care ingredients.

Then what are the benefits of butter for beauty. Well friend, in this opportunity we will explain about the benefits of butter for beauty. Here are some benefits of butter for beauty.

Extraordinary Benefits Butter For Beauty

Extraordinary Benefits Butter For Beauty

1. Maintain skin health and beauty
Butter is rich in excellent antioxidant content to counteract a variety of free radicals. In addition, butter is also very good to maintain skin beauty. Fat in butter will also help prevent the appearance of acne and black spots on the skin, so the skin becomes beautiful and healthy.

2. Softens and shames skin
Butter contains a very good vitamin A to make the skin soft and smooth. To use butter, we can use butter as a face mask, we can combine it with other natural ingredients such as olive oil, white egg and so forth.

3. Decrease the skin pores
Using a butter mask will also help shrink the pores of the skin. As we know, large pores of the skin in addition to disturbing the appearance can also cause the emergence of various skin diseases such as acne, blackheads and so forth. Well, we can shrink the skin pores with butter mask. The way to apply butter to the skin, let stand for 15 minutes and rinse with ait to clean. You can combine butter with other natural ingredients such as olive oil, honey, egg whites or so forth.

4. Moisturize and sweat the lips
Butter not only beautify the skin only. But butter can also make our lips beautiful and attractive. Yes by using butter as a lip mask will make the lips become moist and red blush. For how easy it is, you apply butter on your lips every night before you sleep, and leave it up until the morning, then you rinse and clean up. Healthy and regular treatment will give maximum results.

5. Clean up makeup eyebrows
Makeup or thickness, of course, will be difficult to remove, sometimes with washed it will not disappear, especially for pencil eyebrows. But you do not have to worry, makeup on eyebrows like eyebrow pencil we can remove by using butter. The way is very easy, apply butter on eyebrows to be cleaned, then you clean it by using cutton but. Then the eyebrow pencil will disappear.

6. Grow and thicken eyebrows
Not only eliminate makeup on eyebrows, butter can also stimulate the growth of eyebrows become thicker. As we know, thick eyebrows will make women look more beautiful and fascinating. How to use it very easy, just put butter on the eyebrow at night, let sit for a night and clean in the morning.

7. Helps when shaving eyebrows
Well when you want to shave eyebrows, you can use butter to shave eyebrows easier. Butter contains oil so it will be easier to manage the eyebrows and will minimize the risk of shaving will also minimize the risk of injury. In addition, butter can also be used to tidy eyebrows.

Such is information about the Extraordinary Benefits of Butter For Beauty. Butter is not only used as a food ingredient, but also can be used as a beauty care ingredient. Hopefully the above information useful. Thanks.