Extraordinary Benefits of Charcoal For Beauty

Charcoal is the burning material that is often used to burn sate, or also often thrown away because it is considered dirty. But lately, many people are starting to look at charcoal as one of the natural ingredients for body care. Although impressed dirty, but charcoal does have many benefits for the beauty of our bodies.

Charcoal that had been considered dirty and underestimated, it has an amazing ability in cleaning the skin. Not only clean the skin, but charcoal also has benefets in other beauty treatments. Well if you are curious the benefit charcoal in the world of beauty. Here we will explain about the benefits of charcoal for beauty.

Extraordinary Benefits of Charcoal For Beauty

Extraordinary Benefits of Charcoal For Beauty

Charcoal can balance oil production on the skin
If you have oily skin type, you do not have to worry about it. Nowadays there are lively cheap alternative treatments to deal with the problem of oily skin that you have. Yes, the alternative is by using charcoal. Charcoal can control and balance oil production so that excess oil can be solved. In this case you can mix the charcoal in your face mask, or you can use a mask that contains charcoal. You can use once a week, remember not too often because if it can often cause the skin to dry.

Cleans the skin
As mentioned above, if charcoal is able to cleanse the skin. Yes, it is true, charcoal can clean and remove dirt on the skin. Although dark black, but charcoal can make the skin becomes bright and radiant. The trick is to use charcoal for a mask. Use it once a week and not too often.

Charcoal has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
Not many people know if charcoal turns out to have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Anti-bacterial properties and anti-fungal is certainly very good for skin health and beauty. So no wonder if now many beauty products that use charcoal as the main ingredient. 
Relieves insect bites or skin irritation

Skin that itching because of attack or insect sting, you can handle it with charcoal. Or when you get injured or irritated, you can also handle it by using charcoal. Charcoal has the ability in the healing process of wounds on the skin. How to use it you puree the charcoal, mix it with a little water until it becomes a paste, then apply on the skin of the sick, let stand a few minutes and rinse with water until clean. Charcoal will absorb toxins that can prevent infection of the wound.

Whiten teeth
One of the benefits of charcoal in the world of beauty that has been practiced by many people even since the time of the ancestors is to clean and whiten teeth. True, charcoal has a remarkable ability to clean and whiten teeth. How to use it is you rub a charcoal on your teeth or use charcoal as a toothpaste.

Overcoming dandruff and nourish the scalp
Charcoal can also be a scalp cleanser and absorbs impurities so it is very good to overcome the problem of dandruff on the hair or scalp. And do you know if it turns out a lot of shampoo that uses charcoal as the main ingredient. This is due to the tremendous benefits of charcoal for the health and beauty of hair.

Such information is about the Extraordinary Benefits of Charcoal For Beauty. Charcoal that once considered dirty goods and thrown away, now many women who use charcoal as a natural ingredient for beauty treatments. Hopefully the above information useful. Thanks.