The Marvelous Benefits of Garlic For Beauty Skin

Garlic is one of the herbs spices are also rich in benefits. Yes, garlic has been used since the time of the ancestors as a spice kitchen as well as traditional medicine. Even garlic is a very popular natural remedy to overcome or prevent cancer. But even so, there are some people who do not like garlic because of its very stinging aroma.

In the world of health, experts recommend consuming 1 clove of garlic 1-3 times a day. As for the children are advised to consume a quarter of cloves 1-2 times a day. Thus, we can conclude if garlic plays an important role in the health of our bodies.

In the world of health, garlic is believed to be able to overcome or prevent various diseases such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, treat inflammation, treat poisoning, relieve pain, sprue, itching and so forth. Not only beneficial to health alone, it turns out garlic also has many benefits for beauty. Well here's the amazing benefits of garlic for skin beauty.

The Marvelous Benefits of Garlic For Beauty Skin

Cara Alami Menghilangkan Jerawat Dalam Satu Malam

1. Overcoming acne and acne scars
The amazing benefits of garlic for skin beauty first is to overcome the problem of acne, as well as acne scars. It's no secret if garlic is a very powerful natural ingredient to overcome the problem of acne. Even garlic can cope with acne overnight. Garlic contains powerful antioxidants to kill acne-causing bacteria. How to use garlic to deal with acne very easily, you just make garlic as a face mask, how you puree garlic, then you apply on acne skin, then you leave for overnight, and clean in the morning.

2. Overcoming blackheads
As with acne, blackheads can also be overcome by using garlic. Nutritional content found in garlic can clean up clogged dirt on the pores of the skin, so the problem of blackheads can be resolved. How to use it the same, that is by using garlic as a face mask, use this face mask once a week so that your face skin free from blackheads.

3. Lifting dead skin cells
Garlic not only removes clogged dirt on the skin, but also can remove dead skin cells. Yes, dead skin cells that accumulate once cause dull and dark skin also makes the skin becomes coarse. Well, you can overcome this by doing maintenance using a garlic mask.

4. Overcoming dull skin and brighten the skin
Using a garlic mask on a diluted basis will make the skin brighter and cleaner. This is because garlic is able to overcome the problem of acne, blackheads and raised skin cells that are the cause of dull and dark skin.

5. Smooth the skin
With the loss of dead skin cells, of course, your facial skin will be smooth and soft. Yes garlic will lift dead skin cells and make your skin becomes bright and smooth and soft.

6. Overcoming the problem of aging
Garlic is also believed to overcome the problem of aging. As we know, aging is a very frightening specter for women, because female aging is losing its appeal. But you do not need to worry, aging problems such as wrinkles or the appearance of fine lines facial skin we can overcome by using garlic. The trick is with treatment using a garlic mask.

7. Overcoming mercury poisoning
Mercury is a chemistry that is often used in beauty products. Not only beauty products alone, mercury is also often found in some foods. Now excessive mercury can cause people poisoning. Garlic can be a natural ingredient as first aid to overcome mercury poisoning to be brought to the doctor.

8. Heal and remove scars
People used to use garlic as a traditional medicine to heal wounds to dry quickly and healed. Not only cure it, garlic is also able to remove scars quickly. The content of antioxidants in garlic can kill bacteria to make wounds heal faster, in addition to garlic is also powerful to remove dead skin cells so that the scars can be removed quickly.