6 Types of Essential Oils for Treating Skin Burned by the Sun.

Sunburned skin, also called sunburn, is a condition where the skin is red, feels sore like burning. This condition is usually caused by being exposed to the sun for too long. In some severe cases, this condition can cause second-degree burns or infection. Some essential oils can overcome sunburn by reducing symptoms and improving healing. What are the essential oils? Check out the answer below.

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Overcoming sunburned skin with essential oils

To date, there has been no large-scale research that proves the relationship between the use of essential oils and how to deal with sunburn. However, many small-scale studies have shown promising results between the two.

A study from the Journal of Pediatric Nursing conducted a study of two girls with burns, medical history and treatment, but one of the girls was given a mixture of essential oils as a treatment. Girls who receive treatment for these essential oils only develop one infection that they received at the hospital. While one other girl developed two infections in her bloodstream and four infections at the hospital. Girls who receive essential oil treatment also remain in the intensive care unit for approximately one day and in the hospital four days less than other girls.

Although the research has provided evidence related to the benefits of essential oils to overcome sunburn, but further research is needed to strengthen this evidence.

Do not immediately apply oil to the skin!
Although essential oils are believed to be able to treat skin problems, you should not apply them directly to the skin or any area of the body. This is because essential oils are usually very thick and hard enough.

To use it, mix a few drops of oil first into warm water. Then, you can dip a soft cloth or towel into the water and compress it to the affected skin. You can also wash the sun-burning skin with water that has been mixed with essential oils.

This essential oil should not be applied to the area of the skin around the genitals, eyelids, mouth, or breast.

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1. Vitamin E essential oil

Several studies have reported that vitamin E can reduce the risk of sunburn by acting as an antioxidant, absorbing UV light, and helping to bind the outer layer of skin.

This essential oil has also been shown to help improve the skin's ability to maintain moisture and reduce inflammation.

The possible side effects associated with using vitamin E essential oil are mild skin irritation. Before applying this essential oil, it is important to always dilute it.

2. Vitamin C essential oil

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid, has been shown to have several benefits that can help reduce symptoms of sunburn and speed up healing time. This Vitamin C works for:

  • Protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays.
  • Improve symptoms and conditions of inflamed skin.
  • Increase collagen production.
  • Fix pigmentation problems to improve the skin's natural protection against UV light.

3. Mintmint essential oil

Peppermint essential oil contains chemical compounds called menthol which can help overcome inflammation due to sunburn. This essential oil can moisturize and cool the sunburned skin.

In addition, this essential oil has benefits as an antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic. Side effects that may arise due to the use of essential oils of peppermint are mild skin irritation and reddish skin.

Same with other essential oils, before using this oil on your skin, dilute it first with olive oil or water.

4. Lavender essential oil

Extracts from lavender plants have at least seven active ingredients that are known to help skin regeneration and enhance immune function.

This essential oil can also help reduce redness and swelling symptoms while reducing the risk of infection due to sunburn.

In rare cases, lavender can cause allergic reactions with symptoms such as skin rashes, nausea, vomiting, coldness, fever, and headaches.

5. Geranium essential oil

Geranium oil has the benefits of being antimicrobial, anticancer and anti-inflammatory. This essential oil has also been shown to have benefits as a sedative and nerve booster, so that it can relieve more intense pain from sunburn. The side effect of using geranium essential oil that is common is skin irritation.

6. Eucalyptus essential oil

Eucalyptus essential oil helps quickly eliminate sunburn. This oil has anti-inflammatory properties. A soothing reaction after applying this essential oil to sunburned skin, will relieve pain more quickly.

Its antibacterial properties also protect sensitive skin and sunburn from infection. In addition, this essential oil is also used as an herbal remedy for several skin problems, such as boils and psoriasis.