Cream, Lotion, and Ointment Skin Remedies: Which is the Most Effective?

When going to the doctor for a skin problem, often you are given an external medication that must be applied to the skin. This type of drug is called topical medicine. Topical forms of skin medications range from creams, lotions, to ointments. Actually, what's the difference between the three preparations? Let's see the following explanation.

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Different creams, ointments and lotions

Cream is actually a mixture of liquid and ointment. The cream consists of water, oil, and emulsifier (active ingredients to unify oil and water).

In addition, creams are usually added with preservatives such as parabens. In some cases, skin creams can also be mixed with perfume. This may cause allergic reactions in some people.

Various active ingredients can be included in the cream. The cream itself is widely used in cosmetics. In addition, doctors usually give cream to skin diseases that are broad and subacute (long suffered but not yet become chronic). This is because absorption of cream is better than powder. Cream can also be used in various parts of the body, even in hairy parts of the body.

Lotion skin remedy

The ingredients of the lotion are actually similar to cream. However, the formula is usually thinner and lighter. The consistency of lotions is also usually more liquid. Most of the lotions also contain little alcohol, whose function is to stabilize the active substance and inhibit evaporation of solutes in the skin layer.

Lotion can be used on large areas of the skin and can be used on hairy areas of the body and skin folds.

Medication for ointment

Ointments are fatty or fat-like ingredients. The basic ingredients are usually vaselin, but can also be made from lanolin or oil. Usually ointment is used in skin diseases with dry, chronic and deep skin conditions. The absorption power of the most powerful ointment compared to other basic ingredients.

In addition, ointments can also be used on the skin with a complex skin disease. However, unlike creams and lotions, ointments should not be used on hairy parts of the body and skin that is prone to ulcers (folicullitis) or in hot weather because of its sticky consistency and resistance to sweat.

The use of ointment can only be used on certain body parts and is not recommended for use throughout the body.

So, which skin medicine is the most effective?

Choosing basic ingredients for skin medicine is an important first step in providing treatment. The choice of basic ingredients from topical drugs actually varies. This depends on the type of skin disease, the condition of each patient's skin disorders such as dry or oily, and which skin area to treat.

In conclusion, the efficacy of skin drugs cannot be seen from the dosage form alone. The doctor must also take into account other factors. For example, if your skin is very dry, usually the doctor will give skin medication in the form of ointment, not lotion.

That is why when choosing a topical medication, don't forget to consult a doctor directly so that you get the most appropriate and effective treatment.