What is an Abscess and How to Overcome it?

An abscess is a wound that results from a bacterial infection. Pus and dirt accumulate under the skin, then form a painful lump, called abes.

Apa Itu Abses?

Abscesses can appear anywhere on the body, but are more common in the armpits, around the anus and vagina, at the bottom of the spine, around the teeth, and in your groin. Inflammatory hair follicles can also cause abscess formation. This is known as boils (furunucle).

How can an abscess appear?

If there is a bacterial infection, the body will respond by sending white blood cells to fight infection in the area of the body. White blood cells will then attack bacteria.

During this process, some surrounding tissue will die, leaving pus-filled holes. The pus itself consists of dead tissue, white blood cells, and bacteria.

How to treat abscesses?

Mild skin abscesses can heal on their own, or dry out and disappear without the need for treatment. However, large abscesses often require antibiotic treatment to fight infection.

Certain procedures can also be done to remove pus. Usually, the doctor will dry the abscess by inserting a needle into the skin, or making a small incision in the abscess.

If you have an abscess that has not completely healed, do not use objects that are used with other people, such as equipment in the gym, gym or swimming pool, to prevent bacteria in your abscess from spreading to other people.

Do not also try to remove pus yourself, because it can actually trigger the spread of bacteria on the surrounding skin. Dispose of all the tissue you use to clean pus, and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

How to prevent abscesses from happening?

Because most abscesses on the skin are the result of bacterial infections in minor wounds, hair follicles, or oil glands or sweat glands, it is important to keep your skin clean and healthy. Here are some tips:

  • Wash your hands regularly and invite your family to also wash your hands regularly.
  • Use each towel, don't borrow from each other.
  • Don't bathe with other people.
  • Be careful when shaving so as not to hurt your skin.
  • All wounds must be cleaned thoroughly. Visit your doctor or emergency room immediately if you feel something under your skin.

When should an abscess be examined by a doctor?

Contact a doctor if:

You have a wound that is larger than 1 cm, or if the wound continues to get worse and feels more painful.

  • The wound is located in or near the rectum or groin area.
  • You have a fever above 38oC.
  • There is a red line spread from the abscess.
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