4 Ways How to Make a Screenshot on Mac

Taking screenshots on a Mac is not a new thing for Mac veteran owners. But often this question is raised by switchers, especially those who move from Windows. Taking screenshots in Windows requires several steps, by pressing the "Print Screenshot" button, followed by opening Paint, then press Control + V.

What about Mac? There are several ways to take screenshots on a Mac and everything is very flexible to suit everyone's needs.

Command + Shift + 3: Take One Screen Screenshot

Pengambilan screenshot pada area tertentu

Command + Shift + 4: Take the Selected Region Screenshot

Mac offers users the option to take screenshots. When using this method, you must choose the area to be used as a screenshot. Once selected, eating screenshots will be saved on the desktop.

Command + Shift + 4 → Space: Taking Window Selected Window

If you want to take screenshots for certain windows, for example, screenshots for Safari windows only, then this method will be very useful. After pressing Command + Shift + 4, press space and a small camera will appear. Select the window you want to be a screenshot and the results will appear on the desktop.

Taking Screenshots Using Timer

Besides using the shortcut above, you can also use the Grab application which is the default OS X application. Grab can be found in the Utility folder. In addition to offering screenshot capture capabilities mentioned above, Grab can also take screenshots after a few seconds. This function will be very useful if you cannot take screenshots when an application shortcut overrides the screenshot capture shortcut. Run Grab and press Command + Shift + Z to take timed screenshots.

Change Format and Location Screenshot

Not everyone likes the PNG format and keeps screenshots on the desktop. To change these two things is very easy. Those who have used the Tinker Tool to turn off the Resume feature can change it in the General section .