5 Reasons Why Gamers Sometimes Don't Like to Wear Gaming Headsets!

Gaming headsets are indeed one of the important equipment for gamers, especially those who often compete in the competitive realm of eSports. Its main function is certainly to focus the sound that is in the game so that it can sound clearer and clearer.


However, it turns out that many casual gamers prefer not to use their gaming headsets while playing games for long periods of time. Not because of not having or not being able to buy, but more because of these reasons!

5. Get hot

Using a gaming headset for a long time will usually make the ears feel hot. This is caused by poor air circulation when using the headset. Besides being hot, the area around the ear will also redden and sweat.

4. Shock

Too focused on listening to the sounds in the game can have side effects for some people. Especially those who are easily shocked. Especially horror games full of jump scare scenes. In the end, the game wasn't even finished and this surprised player could get a heart attack!

3. Relax

There are times when we want to play games casually or casually. Call it game names like The Sims, Tycoon, Tetris, and so on. In this condition, using a gaming headset will certainly damage the relaxed atmosphere that was originally intended to be obtained from playing games.

2. Damaging Hair

This one reason might sound rather strange. But in fact, many players do not want their hair to fall apart just because they use a gaming headset. The gaming headset referred to here is a headset that is in the form of a headband with a position leaning above the head.

1. Not comfortable

The comfort of a gamer becomes an important factor that determines his success in playing a game. There are so many choices of gaming headsets whose specifications are tailored to the needs and comfort of players. But if basically someone feels uncomfortable wearing a headset, then he or she does not want to use the headset except when forced.