5 Types of Cancer that Have the Highest Life Expectancy

Cancer is a chronic disease that has a minimum chance of survival. But doctors have succeeded in detecting early and therefore are able to more easily cope with some types of cancer more than others.

5 Jenis Kanker yang Memiliki Harapan Hidup Paling Tinggi

Can cancer be cured?

Some experts avoid using the word "curable," because no one can confirm that cancer will go away forever after treatment. Experts use the word "remission" more often, which means the cancer is free but there is a possibility that cancer can return. In general, someone who is cancer-free 5 years after diagnosis is more likely to survive.

These limits do not mean you cannot die from cancer or you no longer have cancer in the body, but it shows a good sign. The most important key to "surviving" from cancer is early detection. This means you have to do regular checkups.

Here are 5 types of cancer with the hope of greater survival

What type of cancer has the greatest life expectancy?

1. Prostate cancer

Percentage of people who are free of this type of cancer within 5 years after diagnosis: 98.9%

What makes prostate cancer manageable?

Many cancer tumors grow slowly or do not grow at all. When this happens, the tumor is not dangerous enough to require treatment. Many men with prostate cancer can live for years without problems. Often patients die from causes other than cancer.

What makes this cancer more difficult to overcome?

If cancer spreads (metastatic), cancer will be more difficult to overcome. Possible prostate cancer can spread quickly to other parts of the body that are small. If this happens, only 28% of men live 5 years after diagnosis. The good news is that doctors usually detect prostate cancer early before spread.

Does the examination help?

There are 2 main ways to detect prostate cancer. The first method is digital rectal examination, wherein the doctor examines the bottom with hands using gloves. The second test is a blood test called the PSA test, which measures protein levels that are often higher in men with prostate cancer. PSA can show results with causes other than prostate cancer, some medical groups advise men who are at normal risk of not doing this test. Talk to your doctor if you need a test. Always tell your doctor if you experience problems such as difficulty urinating or blood in the urine. These things can be symptoms of cancer or other prostate disorders.

2. Thyroid cancer

The percentage of people who are free of this type of cancer within 5 years after diagnosis: 97.9%

What makes thyroid cancer manageable?

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in the neck that makes hormones to burn calories, control heart rate, and others. The most common type of thyroid cancer, papilari, grows slowly. Even if the tumor is large or begins to develop into the surrounding tissue, doctors can usually treat this disease by removing the gland. After surgery, the patient is given medication to replace the thyroid-produced hormone.

Currently, doctors detect thyroid cancer as early as possible from before, which makes it easier to treat thyroid cancer.

What makes this cancer more difficult to overcome?

This type of disease called anaplastic thyroid cancer has a success rate of remission of only 7%, but this condition is very rare.

Does the examination help?

There are no recommendations for examination tests for thyroid cancer. Usually patients know they have a tumor when they or the doctor feels a lump or swelling in the neck. Sometimes doctors find this condition when you are doing ultrasound for other conditions. Tell your doctor if you feel a lump in the neck or have certain symptoms such as difficulty breathing or swallowing.

3. Testicular cancer

The percentage of people who are free of this type of cancer within 5 years after diagnosis: 95.3%

What makes testicular cancer manageable?

In the early stages (when the tumor has not spread to other parts), the doctor can treat testicular cancer by surgery for one or both tests that have a tumor. If a man only has 1 testicle removed, 1 other testicle will produce enough hormones to reproduce. For advanced cancers, surgery and radiation and chemotherapy are often successful. The cisplatin chemotherapy drug, which was created in the 1970s, has greatly helped to increase survival rates for advanced testicular cancer.

What makes this cancer more difficult to overcome?

There are several treatments that can work well for advanced testicular cancer. The 5-year survival rate for this type of cancer is 73%, and is still quite high for advanced cancer.

Does the examination help?

There are no screening tests for testicular cancer. Men should visit a doctor if they feel a lump in the testicles, or one of the testicles enlarges compared to the other testicles. These things can be early signs of a tumor. Click the following link to find out how to check the testes yourself to detect testicular cancer

4. Melanoma cancer

The percentage of people who are free of this type of cancer within 5 years after diagnosis: 91.5%

What makes melanoma cancer manageable?

You can usually be aware of melanoma skin cancer with the naked eye at an early stage. If the cancer has not spread to the inside of the skin surface, the doctor can remove it by surgery.

What makes this cancer more difficult to overcome?

If you don't notice it early, melanoma spreads faster than other types of skin cancer. Once the cancer has entered the inside of the skin, it is difficult to overcome. Only 15% -20% of people are aware of melanoma after spreading to other parts of the body that still last 5 years after diagnosis.

Does the examination help?

Yes. You can examine the skin for boils that are large, dark, strange or prominent. It is important to examine the back and scalp, testicles, and between the toes. It is more difficult to see melanomas in these parts. Tell your doctor immediately if you are aware of any changes. The doctor can tell whether the patch is normal or not. Perform a routine check with dermatologist if you have a higher risk of melanoma cancer, such as if you have experienced it, or have been experienced by a member of your family.

5. Breast cancer

The percentage of people who are free of this type of cancer within 5 years after diagnosis: 89.4%

What makes breast cancer manageable?

Modern medicine plays an important role against breast cancer. Today's doctors know more about detecting and treating breast cancer. We also understand much more about this condition. For example, we now know that breast cancer is not just one disease, but several diseases. Experts have found various treatments to treat certain types of cancer.

What makes this cancer more difficult to overcome?

Breast cancer that is found early is more easily overcome and treated before the cancer begins to spread. Some types of breast cancer are also easier to treat than other types. For example, breast tumors that are "estrogen receptor positive" can be treated with low estrogen drugs. However, "triple negative" breast cancer tends to be more aggressive and does not respond to treatment.

Does the examination help?

Yes. Research has found that routine mammograms can help you live longer. But the medical group has different instructions for who can be given. Some experts recommend examination tests every year, starting at age 50 if you have a normal risk of breast cancer. The American Cancer Society recommends annual screening tests starting at the age of 40.