7 Benefits of Starfruit that You Don't Expect

Who doesn't know starfruit? Who also do not know the benefits of starfruit? Yes, the fruit that the tree is often found in the yard of the house or the side of the road, it turns out many benefits for health. This unique fruit if cut with a vertical cut will resemble a star. Starfruit appears with a blend of sweet and sour races. If the fruit is not ripe, sometimes you will find a slightly bitter taste on the meat.

Manfaat Belimbing yang Tidak Anda Sangka

Tropical climate fruit that can also be obtained in traditional markets has many benefits for the body. Starfruit which has the Latin name carverola has a number of good nutrients including calories, carbohydrates, minerals, calcium and iron in it. Come on, see 7 benefits of starfruit that is unexpected for the body.

Benefits of starfruit for body health

1. Good for skin affected by heat irritation

In countries such as Thailand or Myanmar, star fruit is commonly used as a hangover drug and lotion to prevent the danger of sunburn. The finely ground starfruit leaves are believed to treat boils and provide a cool sensation if given to the skin affected by burns.

2. Helping your diet

Starfruit is suitable to be one of the intake lists to help you lose weight. The content in one medium-sized star fruit is 9 grams of carbohydrate and 3 grams of dietary fiber. By eating one star fruit, this is tantamount to meeting 3% of daily carbohydrate needs. Starfruit also contains antioxidants that are beneficial to ward off harmful substances in the body.

3. Prevent various internal diseases

Star fruit has an important mineral content of 14% as informed by the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA). The benefits of another starfruit can also reduce cholesterol levels and ward off cancer-causing body free radicals.

Fiber in starfruit meat can stimulate the body's peristalsis. In addition, eating star fruit can prevent stomach acid. Starfruit also functions to facilitate digestion such as preventing constipation, due to its rich fiber benefits.

4. Helps sleep better

Star fruit has been known to help someone sleep better. Star fruit is a fruit that is high in magnesium, which is also a mineral that helps improve the quality and sound of one's sleep. Starfruit also helps regulate the body's metabolism which can help reduce sleep disturbances and prevent insomnia.

6. Keep your hair beautiful

With adequate vitamin C intake, the benefits of starfruit are not only for internal organs. Starfruit can maintain collagen and important proteins found in hair and skin. Also, vitamin A content in starfruit can make hair moist and healthy awake.

7. Good for diabetics

Foods high in the glycemic index (GI) such as white rice and bread, if consumed will easily cause blood sugar and insulin levels to soar high for diabetics. By eating star fruit, insulin content and blood sugar will be slower absorbed into the bloodstream.