How to Become a Jungle Master in Mobile Legends

One way to get additional exp , gold , and buff in the MOBA Mobile Legends game : Bang Bang is jungling . To do it correctly and efficiently, we need to choose the right hero . In addition, we also have to bring battle spell retribution and buy jungle items to shorten the farming process . Remember that the team also needs you to help maintain lane or plan a gank .


These monsters in the jungle area are very important elements and are able to change the course of the game. Montoon as the developer , as well as the Mobile Legends publisher also made several adjustments to the effects and location of jungle monsters .

Besides Lord and Turtle , in general, the monsters that inhabit the forest area in the Land of Dawn Mobile Legends arena are divided into three parts. The first monster with a purple dot will give effect to the buff ability . Then the second golden point gives the gold buff effect and the three healing buff green points . The following is a more complete explanation.

1. Monster With Ability Buff

This ability buff ability or temporary enhancement can be obtained when killing Spinner and Reaper . Uniquely each type of hero will receive different buff effects .

  • Tank Buff : Which costs are needed to issue reduced skills , and increase magic and physical defense by 15 percent.
  • Fighter Buff : Reduces cooldown skill by 15 percent and gives a slow effect to reduce enemy speed movement by 20 percent for 1.5 seconds.
  • Assassin Buff : Reduces cooldown skills by up to 10 percent, reduces energy skill costs by up to 20 percent, and increases magic and physical penetration by 15 points.
  • Mage Buff : Reduces the cooldown of the skill as much as 20 percent, reducing the cost of which of skill by up to 50 percent, and increase the magic power as much as 30 points.
  • Marksman Buff : Increases physical attack by 10 percent and if the skill regarding the enemy - the movement speed will increase by 15 percent for 2 seconds.
  • Support Buff : Reduces cooldown skills by up to 10 percent, increases mana regeneration by 5 seconds by 50 points, and increases the healing skill effect by 15 percent.

2. Monsters with Gold Buff

We can get this gold buff effect by eliminating River Crab , where every two seconds produces 10 gold for 30 seconds. The position is located near the upper and lower lane , when these monsters appear usually are immediately hunted and become a fight.

3. Monster with Healing Buff

This healing buff effect can be obtained by killing normal jungle monsters , including Giant Mouth Monsters , Ghost-mage , and Goblins . All three are the weakest jungle monsters , but they also provide additional gold and exp . So, kill the monster while waiting for the minion wave to come.

4. Turtle and Lord

Turtle and Lord are the strongest and most important monsters in Mobile Legends. Their position is very central which is in the middle of the river. Although it is quite difficult to beat but both of them give gold bonuses and great exp for all team members .

Turtle is the source of the initial conflict, he will only appear on the map for 6 minutes and after being killed will come back within 120 seconds, after which Lord will be replaced . A fierce battle with the Lord will seize his loyalty, where he will help the team ransack the heart of the enemy's defense.

The struggle for these two is often the cause of war , because profits are very large and able to turn things around. You can escort the Lord along the  lane  to help pave the way to the enemy base or use the Lord as a diversion, and focus on the two side lanes .

The task of a hero with a jungler role  must kill the Turtle in the early days to give your team an edge . After killing one of the Spinner  or  Reaper , you can use the effect of the  buff ability  to  gank . Press the enemy and steal monsters in the enemy jungle area .