How to Find The Best Jungle Route in Mobile Legends

One of the keys to winning the game is mastering the forest in Mobile Legends! The solution? Play like Tarzan! Jungle Mobile Legends are said to be very difficult to conquer. Try to follow this Jungle Route Mobile Legends guide that will train you to become the best jungle king in Mobile Legends!

It's not trivial to be able to do farming on jungle while keeping lane from enemy bombardments. Need a special strategy, foresight to see opportunities in narrowness, and don't forget to brush your teeth! Are you ready to become the ruler of Jungle Mobile Legends?

This Jungle Mobile Legends Guide is specially formulated from the personal experience of a group of Tarzan the jungle king who will help you to master the Jungle Mobile Legends. Here are 4 important goals when you do Jungle Mobile Legends!

1. Become a chaotic force

The thing that is expected by your teammates is that you can know when and where to go to the gang . To do a gang requires the right decision by knowing who your opponent is, the situation, and the skills that will be used.

The important points for ganking are:

  • Your opponent is close to your location
  • You have the skill to be able to approach the enemy quickly ( gap-closing ) like that of Natalia or Fanny
  • Skills that you and your team friends can use, especially the ultimate skill
  • If your opponent already uses the skill to escape (ex: Flicker )

Do the gank in the lane of your weakest friend. You have to help them to be able to do pushing lanes and get space and time to be able to collect gold
Don't do a gang if:

  • Do not engage in gang to the tank of the opposing team. This will spend time and your opponent will have enough time to help if you can't finish off your opponent's tank quickly
  • Do not gank when you can not see your other opponents in the mini-map . It is possible that the opponent will do counter gank
  • Highly recommended not to do gank when your HP is less than 50% (depending on the condition). It's not a good thing if you stay on the Jungle with HP less than 50%
  • Don't do a gang because your team friend ordered it. As a Tarzan you must have your own plans and decisions which are required to be better than your teammates!

2. Where there is a buff there is Tarzan

Your job is to kill the Turtle and Lord . A good Tarzan has the habit of cleaning monsters in the forest that have buffs . Here you have to practice to be able to do Last Hit which is also useful for stealing buffs from the opposing team's forest!

3. Geographers and strategies

Awareness of always seeing a map and estimating where your opponents are in the forest is also very important! Never show your position to the enemy if you don't do a gang, because this can be a double-edged weapon that can be used by opponents to gang up on you!

4. It's Turret! Do not be fooled ...!

Don't forget the Team Objective on this one, because there is a saying that it destroys the turret then victory will be much easier to achieve. Waiting for your moment when your minions close to your opponent's turret will make it easier for you to destroy your opponent's turret quickly. Always take the time to clear up your opponent's minions so that your lane can be passed minions faster and you can go back to the forest!

4. So Tarzan can't be careless! Need this special ability!

All heroes can farm in Jungle Mobile Legends, but not all of them can do it effectively, considering the hero used must fulfill the following:

Gank, clean monster jungle camp and roaming requires high mobility. Be sure to choose a hero with high mobility or have gap closing skills like Fanny or Roger.

The faster you can finish the jungle monster, the faster the level and gold development you get. Besides that you will be more and more time to be able to roaming and ganking with your friends.
Endurance is needed in the early game considering you will often receive damage from monsters in the forest. Choose a Hero that has sufficient HP and MP capacity, even you can also use the hero manaless!