What Is the Difference between Common Acne and Purging Spots?

Have you ever tried new cosmetics or skin products, and a few days later there are small red spots or pimples on your face? Is this a sign that your skin is not suitable so it is spotty? Or does it mean that the cream is working so you experience something called purging? Actually, what is purging? What is the difference with ordinary spotty?

What is purging?

Purging is a term in the world of beauty, derived from the word purge which means cleansing. In the initial phase of skin care use or the phase of changing skin care products from what you normally use to new products, you may experience a process called purging.

Medically, purging is a condition that arises due to the use of cosmetics or chemicals that have ingredients such as AHA, BHA or scrub type products, peeling, or retinoids which do have the ability to penetrate the skin to clean and repair the skin layer.

These ingredients can accelerate the growth of skin cells so that the skin will look scaly and looks like it has a small lump that will usually disappear without a phase of redness, swelling, or inflammation of your skin.

Purging aims to cleanse the pores of your facial skin which are clogged with excess oil, dead skin cells that are piled up and blackheads. So this causes the appearance of more and more severe acne.

Purging generally occurs for 3-4 weeks. This is adjusted to each person's skin growth cycle. However, if this skin condition still occurs for more than 4 weeks, you should be vigilant and stop using cosmetics or chemicals that you normally use.

What is acne breakout?

Breakout is a skin condition that occurs due to incompatibility with certain types of cosmetic or chemical ingredients. People who experience this condition generally look like they have pimples, boils, which are also accompanied by a reddish color and accompanied by pain, swelling and inflammation.

Usually, people who experience a breakout will also appear large pimples on the surface of the skin and dry skin flaking. This is the difference between breakout and purging. The cause of breakout can be due to the skin care content you use is not suitable, hormonal disorders, digestive disorders, stress, and environmental factors.

How to deal with purging skin after using a new product?

To deal with purging, you can reduce the level of drugs or chemicals that you normally use. So do not rush to panic or think that is not beforehand with the condition of the skin with acne or strokes that you experience when you first use skin care. Because, it could be a phase or process of purging. However, if it happens more than 4 weeks, you should immediately see a dermatologist.

Now you are no longer confused with the purging difference and the breakout. Both are negative side effects of using skin care on unsuitable faces. At the beginning using skin care usually purging occurs. Purging works to cleanse clogged skin pores like excess oil, and dead skin cells that accumulate.