10 Game Titles That Ever Become Controversy in Gaming World!

Today, there are lots of game titles that we know on the market. Each has its own genre, starting from Strategy, FPS, Sport, Simulator, and others. Although different, basically all video games are made for the purpose of entertainment. However, not all of these good goals end well. Sometimes it brings controversy from unexpected things.


The controversies that have occurred and are often discussed by many people have been summarized in the following list! Right away!

10. Pokemon Go

When Pokemon Go was first released, the popularity of this game soared. Pokemon Go server is even made 'burnt' because of a large number of active players at the same time. Well, the number of these players is actually exploited by bad guys. Criminals reportedly often use location features to ambush and rob victims who play Pokemon Go.

9. Star Wars Battlefront II

Electronic Arts has been known by some as a long-standing company, but it is this title that has damaged their reputation in the public. When the opening of Star Wars Battlefront II, the loot box system was strongly criticized by gamers. They say that the system is too pay-to-win, thus damaging the balance of the game itself

8. Bully

From the PS2 era there was already controversy. This time it was caused by the Bully game. This game made by Rockstar is banned in Brazil because it takes a school background. According to the Brazilian government, Bully can damage existing educational institutions because it contains the content of the landscape and can be replicated in schools.

7. Mortal Kombat

Which gamers are not familiar with this sadistic Fighting game. From the beginning of the Mortal Kombat series appeared in 1992 until now, the typical sadism of this game has never been lost even worse. The emergence of the Mortal Kombat series itself is one of the triggers for the creation of a rating game system such as ESRB.

6. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

"No Russian," is the most memorable word for COD fans. In this fourth COD mission: MW2, you become an agent who infiltrated the Makarov terrorists who would slaughter civilians at Moscow airport. Although players are not forced to participate or have to shoot civilians, the scene of the massacre caused the No Russian mission to be removed in the Russian version.

5. Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein was banned in Germany and in Austria. The reason is that this game has too many Nazi elements that are very sensitive in both countries. Although the developer has been overhauled, Wolfenstein is still banned in these two countries.

4. Fight of Gods

Last year there was a scene of the Fight of Gods game. Fighting games that present gods from various beliefs are strongly rejected by countries that uphold religious values such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. You will not find this game on Steam now because it has been blocked.

3. Manhunt
Manhunt is a sadistic game that presents many violent scenes. Especially when doing movements to execute opponents. There was once a case that this game inspired a young man to commit murder.

2. Hatred

In the Hatred game, you play a killer who wants to kill anyone including civilians. You are given the freedom to slaughter innocent humans. Released via Steam, this game was lost from circulation. However, suddenly reappeared until now.

1. Grand Theft Auto

It seems clear that the GTA series is closely related to violence. Since GTA III emerged, this criminal game series has often generated controversy so that it is rated for ages 18 years and over.

Those are the games that reap various kinds of controversy. The titles are only allowed to be played by gamers who are aged 18 years and over, so they are not suitable for small children.