12 Dota 2 Teams To Compete at ESL One Hamburg 2018

ESL will hold a large Dota 2 tournament in Hamburg, Germany. ESL One Hamburg 2018 will bring together twelve international teams, each of which has a unique and different strength. These are the twelve Dota 2 teams that will compete at ESL One Hamburg 2018.

ESL One.jpg

1. Virtus Pro

Virtus Pro is the first team to get an invitation directly to ESL One Hamburg 2018. As one of the best teams in the CIS zone, Virtus Pro really deserves an immediate invitation to this tournament. This white bear team is still a favorite to win the match against all participants of this tournament.

2. Evil Geniuses

Armed with star players on all fronts and fantastic performances at The International 8, Evil Geniuses is the second invited team in this tournament. Artour ‘Arteezy’ Babaev and friends will be a terror for all teams competing in this tournament with a slick game and teamwork.

3. Team Secret

Team Secret is one of the big teams that replaced players before the DPC 2018-19 season began. Now with the injection of young players in Michal ‘Nisha’ Jankowski and Ludwig ‘Zai’ Wahlberg. Seeing the performance of this team in the PVP eSports Championship, Team Secret will be able to trouble other teams in this tournament.

4. Mineski

Even though it may not be in its best performance after being left by ninjaboogie, IceIceIce and Jabz. They had to be eliminated in the first two tournaments that were awarded DPC points. This tournament is a place to prove from Mineski that they can still compete in the elite Dota 2 tier.

5. Ninjas in Pajamas

PPD and friends who are members of the Ninjas in Pajamas managed to become one of the strongest teams in Europe from the beginning of its formation. They managed to escape the European qualification to take part in the Kuala Lumpur Major with Team Secret. Armed with talented players on each line, NiP is one of the strongest teams in this tournament.

6. Forward Gaming

Forward Gaming has not yet seen its ability to just take part in just one tournament and even then it is only an allowance. But in this team's tournament debut, they were able to qualify for Kuala Lumpur Major and only defeated by Evil Geniuses. Look forward to the performance of this team against foreign teams.

7. Pain Gaming

Pain Gaming is new with Misery as head of this team. Pain Gaming is able to qualify easily to the Kuala Lumpur Major in the South American qualifying zone. Interestingly, the two teams from the Pain Gaming organization managed to qualify for the Kuala Lumpur Major and prove Pain Gaming's dominance in this zone.

8. Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming with its latest lineup includes Yang, Fade and Dy, three talented players from mainland China. They managed to escape the hell of the Kuala Lumpur Major preliminary round and are now in the status of one of the teams that will take part in the Kuala Lumpur Major. ESL One Hamburg 2018 will be a place to prove their ability against teams that will compete in Kuala Lumpur Major.

9. Alliance

One of the surprises this year, Alliance succeeded in continuing the positive trend of their qualification for the Kuala Lumpur Major by successfully winning Reshuffle Madness and taking third place in the GG. Bet Invitational. Now Alliance will try to compete against major international teams to prove that Alliance has returned to being the best!

10. Complexity Gaming

Complexity is still struggling in the North American zone and still can't show their potential because one of their core players is still unable to join them. It is still unknown when Skem can join this team but before joining Skem, the strength of this team still cannot be measured precisely.

11. Team Aster

One surprise team from China. Team Aster has very talented players and also has a Coach who is a Chinese legend, Burning. The team also managed to prove their level by successfully qualifying for Kuala Lumpur Major through open qualifications and so did ESL One Hamburg 2018.

12. EVOS eSports

The team that replaced the TNC Predator in this tournament. EVOS eSports has the right to participate in this tournament after winning the second place in the TNC Predator qualification and resignation round of this tournament. This team has the pressure to prove that they can indeed compete against other big teams!