2B NieR: Automata Joins Soul Calibur VI Combat Roster

Presenting a 'guest' character from neighboring games into the game itself seems to bring more benefits to Bandai Namco. The reason is, their latest fighting game, Soul Calibur VI will again present a new character outside of the original character of the game itself. Following Geralt The Witcher, the beautiful and sexy main character of the NieR: Automata franchise, 2B you will be able to play in this game.


Bandai Namco announced their first DLC character for Soul Calibur VI at the 2018 Paris Games Week. Android with the code name YoRHa No.2 Type B will show the ability to play the sword in the Soul Calibur VI match arena. The 2B fighting style in this game will be similar to the style he has in NieR: Automata.

In addition to the 2B itself that you can play, this DLC will also provide background music, NieR's distinctive arena: Automata, stickers, weapons, and also various parts of 2B-based customization. Of course, NieR's typical DLC: This Automata is paid and enters the Pass Soul Calibur VI Season later