5 Beautiful Destinations That You Can Find in The Games!

Pampering the eyes does not only require you to leave the house, it turns out even inside the house you can also spoil your eyes through several destinations in the game. The number of AAA games that have exceptional graphics quality can also be a remedy for those of you who don't have enough money to go to a tourism place. Now this time DuniaGames will invite you to find out some beautiful destinations that you might be able to visit when playing the game. Anything? Just look at the following.


5. San Francisco - Watch Dogs 2

There is nothing beautiful other than the city of San Francisco in the latest series Watch Dogs 2, although this city is only part of the game made by Ubisoft but when you play it you will really feel in that city. All the architectural details of the building so that every San Francisco city feature is truly made to resemble a real city in the United States there.

In Watch Dogs 2, you don't need to spend a lot of money to see the shape of the Golden Gate Bridge or the beauty of tall buildings at Union Square or even see the beauty of the gate from China Town. Simply by playing this game made by Ubisoft you can feel the sensation of being in San Francisco, especially you can also have fun selfies with the character Marcus Holloway.

4. Los Santos - Grand Theft Auto V

Who doesn't know the fictional city of Los Santos in the Grand Theft Auto V game? The city of imitation from the city of Los Angeles, United States is certainly very popular with a variety of unique architecture contained therein. Although not 100 percent similar to the original, but the shape of the building up to the Los Santos city planning system is very similar to Los Angeles, especially in some buildings such as museums, elite complexes, to the shore.

Los Santos might be a game destination to spend your vacation time playing GTA V or playing online mode with other friends.

3. Hau'oli - Pokemon Moon and Sun

There is nothing more exciting when you surround the city of Hau'li in the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon games. The widest city that is part of the Alola region follows the theme of the tropical Hawaiian island and is located in a small island. Even so, the city of Hau'oli is very influential for gamers who play it. Where the city of Hau'oli is a city that contains several important places such as places to shop, Marina (ferry terminal), to Pokemon Center.

This Hawaiian feature in the city of Hau'oli is very attached, so if you have never been to Hawaii it must be very amazing to see the architectural form of the building in the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon games.

2. Altissia - Final Fantasy XV

If you have never been to Venice in Italy, maybe you should feel the warmth of Altissia in this latest Final Fantasy XV series. A city that is part of the Accordo country in the game presents a city surrounded by water and has a city building similar to Venice.

Altissia City itself has several interesting places that can be visited such as floating markets to parks surrounded by water. Interestingly in this city you can also surround the city using a gondola or visit a place called Colosseum to try out a mini game.

1. New Bordeaux - Mafia III

Mafia series fans must have tried playing the latest Mafia III series which was released last October 2016. The reason is, the game developed by Take-Two Interactive is again presenting the concept of an old school that certainly has classic architecture but is cool in its time. Well, in this third series you will be able to see an imitation city of New Bordeaux adapted from the city of New Orleans in the United States.

New Orleans itself is not one of the cities where crime or mafia groups are organized, but according to its history the city has had a considerable criminal record in the 1950s. Power struggles between mafia bosses have also become part of history in the city of New Orleans so that Take-Two Interactive made its perspective version of the imitation city called New Bordeaux.