5 Best Hero Fighter Mobile Legends October 2018 Edition!

A Hero fighter Mobile Legends has an important role in the game, which is mastering the lane and disturbing the movement of the Hero. Most Hero fighters are equipped with strong skills from the beginning of the game and become stronger when approaching late games. The main obstacle of a Hero fighter is rarely attacked those who are very close except Roger.


When you encounter a Hero with a long distance with high damage, the Hero fighter can be fooled first before you can fight. But the longer the game takes place, the Hero fighter will get stronger and can break into the enemy back line.

Currently, there are 18 hero fighters available on the official server Mobile Legends. However, there are only five best heroes this month. Who are they? Check out the details here.

5. Leomord

Hearing Leomord's name, it's not surprising that he immediately became one of the best Hero fighters this month even though it was recently released. The hero who can ride this horse did experience a bug and made him too strong as a pusher. But now the bug has been fixed and its potential is still very high as one of the meta heroes.

Besides being hard, Leomord can also hit while walking like Irithel when he rides Barbiel, his favorite horse. If you have entered the late game, Leomord can just flatten five heroes together with Hero tanks like Tigreal or Gatotkaca. He has a winrate of 51.82 percent this month.

4. Aldous

Over time, the One-Punch-Man-KW-Super finally crawled up to fourth. Aldous is very effective for dealing with marksman heroes because the blow can kill them with just one to two blows. Not to mention that the Ultimate can target the Hero from anywhere so anyone who is dying will surely die by him. This month, Aldous has a winrate of 51.97 percent.

3. Alpha

Hero fighter who can initiate this is very deadly, especially if the player has mastered the positioning and timing when using the skill. He is also very flexible because he can become a tank or damage dealers depending on the build and emblem. Coupled with a high lifesteal, Alpha is almost difficult to die if it has a qualified item.

One way to counter this hero is to buy heal effect reducing items that will make the enemy Hero lose one main item to make Alpha helpless. This month alone, he managed to get Winrate 52.63 percent and occupy the third position.

2. Argus

Argus managed to occupy the second position as the best fighter this month. It is the only Hero that can prevent death and replenish its HP if it deals damage to the enemy Hero for a few seconds. Although Ultimate's cooldown is long enough, it doesn't matter if he gets role buffs and makes some cooldown-lowering items like Hunter Strike, Oracle, or Bloodlust Ax.

This increase in popularity was also due to the presence of Claude, one of the heroes who was easily defeated by Argus, and the recent burst of meta damage that made Argus not easily defeated and made him winrate 52.74 percent.

1. Ruby

As a fighter, Ruby relies heavily on her skills compared to basic attacks like other Hero fighters. He is also the only Hero who cannot get lifesteal from basic attacks, but from the skills she uses with greater effect. Ruby is also equipped with high damage, short cooldown, and low cost! Capitalize on Demon Shoes, Ruby doesn't need to bother thinking about which and can throw away skills as they please.

For build, Ruby just made lifesteal, defense and cooldown reduction items that made it very difficult to kill. She still survived in first place with winrate 53.79%.