5 Best Tanks in Mobile Legends Season 10!

Tanker has a very important role in the Mobile Legends game. Although not as popular as assassins and fighters, but in one team there must be a tank usually Akai. But besides Akai, this is the best tank for Mobile Legends season 10.

Its flexible nature makes the fighter always used in Mobile Legends. Can be a tank, or become an assassin fighter on Mobile Legends. In addition, the best Mobile Legends season 10 tanks are also equipped with strong resistance and crowd control as well as other 'surprise' factors that will make you surprise the enemy!


First, there is a hard rock figure, Grock. Grock's popularity will still survive as the best Mobile Legends season 10 tank. A hard body, can receive all damage from the enemy, and also has skills that prevent the enemy from running with the stone fortress walls, making Grock have all aspects as a tank.

In playing Grock, you can simply increase the maximum HP, HP regen and armor and magic resist only, not too much gear attack.


Then there is the Belerick who will be the choice of many gamers as a tank in Mobile Legends season 10! Even though both are strong enough to receive a lot of damage given by opponents, Belerick is unique compared to other tanks because it is able to provide damage that is also great to the opponent!

You have a fairly large damage output and a level of defense that you don't need to ask how thick and thick, with this strongest Belerick build you will win the game easily.


Next, there was a very strong centaur, Hylos. In war, Hylos is able to withstand attacks from five enemies! Another advantage of Hylos is the ultimate that is able to make tanks move faster, and also troublesome opponents when on track.

Hylos as a tanker hero does not need to be afraid of being hit by spells, don't panic and stay focused and alert. Don't forget to always block dealer damage from the opposing team for a perfect victory. Build for Hylos, you can read here.


Long time not used, in season 10 Gatotkaca will often fight in the Land of Dawn again! External resistance can withstand damage, especially damage magic from enemies, and also the crowd control that is owned will make Gatotkaca the first choice as a tank in the team.

Focusing on playing Gatotkaca as a hero tank, then all the gear that we will build is gear that provides additional defense and HP. But there is also one gear that gives additional attacks based on the percentage of the cellphone om Gatot.


Finally, there is a Tigreal figure whose prestige is predicted to increase due to buffs received in this Mobile Legends season 10. With that buff, Tigreal will be able to resist damage even stronger than before, as the front row of the team while fighting.

to make Tigreal the strongest tanker hero, then you have to pair him with a gear that increases the maximum HP, and defense and magic resist.