5 Most Controversial Things in PUBG History!

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), an early access game that broke the record by selling more than 10 million units in Steam at present; even his success also overtook the number of Dota 2 players on Steam. Carrying battle royale gameplay, this game then inspired other developers to create similar games; because the formula of this game turned out to succeed in attracting gamers from casual gamers to hardcore gamers.


Well during the journey adorned gamers, PUBG turned out to also have some historical things that were quite controversial. Even today the controversial thing has succeeded in making many of his fans curious and trying to prove it!

5. Hat item

PlayerUnkown Battlegrounds (PUBG) are indeed reaching the peak of popularity. Therefore, developers are not reluctant to release new content for their players. One that is often done is launching customization items for players. But who would have thought, the item released was a controversy. The item in question is a pilot helmet that displays a 'rising sun' design. The item is considered offensive to the people of South Korea and China. As a result, PUBG Corp. also immediately pulled the item from circulation. They also offer refunds for players who have already bought it.

For your information, 'rising sun' is a design used by the Japanese military when invading neighboring countries, such as South Korea and China. Therefore, the existence of the item was reported by one of the South Korean media.

4. Unit Bot 731

Not only a helmet, the bot in the PUBG game also had controversy. One player turned out to find a bot named Unit 371, similar to the Japanese division during the first invasion. This division is known for being cruel for carrying out chemical weapons experiments on war prisoners from China, South Korea and Russia during the war. Unit 371 is said to have taken the lives of 10 thousand people.

Just like the pilot helmet, Unit 371 has also been withdrawn from the game. In his statement, Bluehole promised not to repeat the incident and claimed there were errors from its members in this incident.

3. PUBG Creators Demand Rules of Survival and Knives Out Because of Plagiarism

Seeing the success of several developers who imitated PUBG, the creators of the battle royale video game had taken serious actions. Through its attorney, PUBG Corp (under the auspices of the Bluehole publisher) has reported the existence of copyright and trademark violations committed by NetEase for the mobile games released, namely Rules of Survival and Knives Out.

The report of the subpoena given to the court on April 2, 2018, then outlines all the claims against the South Korean developer. This is the aftermath of the incident on January 24, 2018, PUBG Corp. has sent a report to Apple to remove the problematic mobile game, before finally releasing Mobile PUBG.

2. Had lost players because of Cheater

Later PUBG has become a phenomenon among gamers. This game managed to reach 3 million active players, even beat Dota 2 in terms of the number of active players. So successful, this game got adaptation in the mobile version, even to be ported as the mobile PUBG that has been released at this time.

Although PUBG has a large number of players, the game made by Blue Hole has also been plagued by problems, namely their reduced playerbase. Referring to the data of Steamdb.info, it is reported that the number of 2.5 to 3 million active players is just a breeze. Now the data shows the number of players is only in the range of 1.7 million, with a peak of 2 million players. This is inseparable from the emergence of cheaters that players often complain about through posts on reddit.com.

1. Have the Most Expensive In-game Items

Unlike Dota 2 which is a 'free-to-play' game, PUBG is a paid game and there are also some items that are traded. Not a few of these items are priced at exorbitant prices, even the price beat the analogue MOBA skin which is often called 'expensive' by free gamers!

One of them is The Olive Brach Pan, this frying item is also the most sought after item by Shroud, the streamer and the famous PUGB gaming YouTuber. The thing that distinguished The Olive Brach Pan from similar items was the flashy silver shape with the Spetsnaz helmet logo. Where this item is sold at a price of $ 1,790 US.D or around Rp. 25 million!