5 Power of Ocean Masters that Aquaman Must Anticipate!

After seeing the trailer for Aquaman's film which was released some time ago, we can guess what the conflict in James Wan's superhero film will be like. Arthur Curry (Aquaman), who in the Justice League was still reluctant to occupy the throne of his mother's legacy and instead returned to Atlantis to carry out a major war. This war is inseparable from the act of Ocean Master, half-brother of Arthur Curry who has the real name Orm Marius.


He is the son of Tom Curry with an ordinary woman named Mary O'Sullivan; while Aquaman's mother came from the Atlanteans so the stepbrother's relationship was not so good. As a child, Orm experienced amnesia and forgot his old life. Several years later, he reappeared and named himself Ocean Master, a high-tech pirate who attacked ships and spread disasters throughout the ocean.

Of course, as a DC fan would have been curious about what the battle between Aquaman and Ocean Master would be like? Well before that, it's better to know some of the strengths that Ocean Master has that you can see below.

5. Super Strength

Like Aquaman, Ocean Master was born from an Atlantean who has super strength. By having these advantages, he can lift heavy loads and throw them easily. This superpower has also been shown in the comic series by tearing a bus.

Besides being super physically, he can also swim across the ocean without any equipment. This makes Ocean Master the most feared pirate in the ocean.

4. Super durability

Ocean Master has increased his immunity to the highest point, causing him to have super durability. This power gives it immunity to all poisons and can survive without eating and drinking in the ocean.

Not only that, Ocean Master can also withstand air pressure in the sea and against the temperature of cold and hot water. His body's immunity can also be able to receive various attacks, ranging from physical attacks and gun attacks. Even large explosions can't hurt him.

3. Super senses

All the senses on Ocean Master's body increase rapidly when he grows up. This causes it to have a better sense of sight, smell, and taste than ordinary humans. He could see better with a great distance, could smell smells from hundreds of kilometers so he could feel the bad things that would happen to him. Even when in a very dark ocean, he can see clearly where the target location is.

2. Magic Manipulation

Besides having super physical strength, Ocean Master is also very good at manipulating magic that can be used to attack his enemies. He can issue lightning attacks, control water and lightning flashes. Since knowing that he is a descendant of the kingdom, he can access all the magic power on the Trident weapon of the Atlantean king he used.

1. A Great Warrior and Leader

Behind his evil actions, Ocean Master is a great fighter and leader. He had been trained at Atlantis since he was very young and he had shown his leadership in the Atlantean army to fight. He is also very expert in strategizing, even his battle against Aquaman has also been designed for a long time.