6 Heroes That Are So Popular in Dota 2 Competitive Spheres

At present, in the competitive arena, Dota 2 is taking place in a large competition: ESL One Hamburg. As the name implies, the total prize competition of USD300,000 (more than Rp.4,500,000,000) was held in the city of Hamburg, Germany. Of course, it is very interesting to see the meta Hero Dota 2 in the competition which was followed by 12 teams from all over the world - including the Indonesian team, EVOS.

New Meta? Ini Dia 6 Hero Dota 2 yang Sedang Digemari dalam Ranah Kompetitif

Together with the increasingly advanced eSports scene, Dota 2 has become one of the few games that the players' strategies also continue to change and develop. So in this article, we will discuss some of the heroes that became favorites during ESL One Hamburg's walk until some time to come.

6. Necrophos

This hero is still a favorite for a few months ago. Although it had experienced nerf in the form of a maximum heal stack reduction, Necrophos is still a character that can become the lane master in a prominent way.

Its flexibility is as an offlaner, carry, or mid hero (actually it can also be used as a support, but it has been used very rarely), still favored by members of Dota 2 professional teams.

5. Phoenix

Phoenix is one of the Hero support that can provide the highest damage per second (DPS). With the skills he possesses, Phoenix can control the battle well, especially when dealing with melee heroes. This character is usually placed in position 4; in the mid-late game phase, this character will have enough items to support his presence in the team.

4. Mirana

Mirana is one of the most stable heroes in the history of Dota 2 games. Mirana was one of the greatest providers of magical damage when the character was given the Aghanim's Scepter effect.

After talking about nerf and the emergence of a talent tree system in Dota 2, Mirana became the fastest physical attacker when she entered the mid-late game phase. Plus enough attack distance, this Hero is a choice especially if there is a Phoenix character on the other side.

3. Terrorblade

Some time ago, the main choice in choosing a carry position in Dota 2 was definitely falling on the Specter; but after Specter experienced a fairly large nerf, Terrorblade again became the main choice.

Terrorblade is a Hero that can provide high physical damage, good farm capabilities, and a talent tree that gives a very great ability in the form of Ultimate skill cooldown reduction to very low, which is only 5 seconds. Terrorblade is also a stable Hero throughout the Dota 2 journey.

2. Lina

This hero is often used again because of its ability to make the selection of the enemy draft to be confusing. If this Hero is deemed unable to win the mid lane (because it is usually placed in the middle lane), Lina can move into an effective support position. Plus if the enemy uses Hero Phoenix, Lina is able to help destroy the Egg Ultimate Phoenix effectively from a distance.

1. Ogre Magi

The fat-headed two is now often the choice of professional Dota 2 teams, but not only as a support, Ogre Magi is also often used as a tanky offlaner. The selection of Hero who can change this position aims to confuse opponents who will counter pick your Hero. Ogre Magi can be very effective especially if players want to do push strategies and end the game quickly.