6 Weakest Criminals Ever Show in Marvel Movies

Since Marvel first launched the film series, it has been shown to us dozens (or more) of criminals who are the main enemies of the superheroes. Of the many enemies that have appeared on the big screen, there are those who look strong as in the comic version, some are weaker. Here are some of the weakest criminals who have appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

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6. Helmut Zemo - Captain America: Civil War

Although it does not produce great physical damage directly to the Avengers, Helmut Zemo cannot really be said to be the weakest. Some argue that he might even be one of the strongest because his intelligence split the members of the Avengers.

But in this list, unfortunately, Zemo still has to enter because compared to other enemies who have super powers he is just an ordinary human who moves alone.

5. Obadiah Stane / Iron Monger - Iron Man

Being the first major villain in a Marvel film does not make Obadiah the weakest. This means that the criminals in the MCU are not getting stronger as their films run.

The Iron Monger gave Tony Stark the Iron Man a significant 'wound', especially mentally, considering that Obadiah was a teacher and business partner whom Tony himself trusted. Feeling betrayed by a believer may be the biggest mental attack. But beyond that, Obadiah was very far from being successful in his attempt to destroy Iron Man while taking over Stark Enterprise.

4. Whiplash - Iron Man 2

The next position is filled by the main villain of the Iron Man sequel. Named after native Ivan Vanko, his childhood was damaged by the relationship between his father and the Stark family. Holding a grudge against Tony Stark who had become Iron Man, Ivan created a weapon to destroy the iron knight.

But what's power, despite being supported by Hammer Industries' technology, Whiplash remains not as successful as its' predecessor 'in conquering its opponents.

3. Alexander Pierce - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This character even forgot about its existence. The only thing that can make this person stand out a bit is the plot twist that Pierce, one of S.H.I.E.L.D. officials, is a member of HYDRA. The rest? In the film alone one can forget that this character exists.

2. Sony Burch - Ant-Man and the Wasp

The existence of this one character is more 'made up' again, it feels. Burch is just an ordinary dark goods entrepreneur who has several subordinates.

Perhaps the purpose of giving this character is that those of us who witnessed Ant-Man and the Wasp realized that in this film there was no character that was truly evil and only a story of misunderstanding.

1. The Mandarin (Trevor Slattery) - Iron Man 3

At first this character was portrayed as a truly cruel terrorist. Spreading terror, murder and other anarchic actions that made Iron Man have to intervene. But it turned out that he was just a drunk actor named Trevor Slattery who was paid to pretend. Missing all the feelings of admiration for this one villain's character.