7 Dota 2 Heroes that are Forgotten, You Still Like to Use Them?

In the Dota 2 game, you are given the freedom to choose one Hero from 116 available choices: 37 Heroes of agility or strength type and the remaining 42 are intelligence. Now because of the many characters that exist, in the public game, there are a set of Dota 2 Heroes that must be chosen most often from the 116 characters. This is caused by the presence of meta - which is sometimes referred to as the Most Effective Tactics Available or the most effective tactic at the moment.

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The Meta and/or Hero popularity is determined based on the players' creativity, experience, and also the nerf or buff that occurs in several characters. The following are the seven Dota 2 Heroes who used to dominate the meta but have begun to forget.

7. Outworld Devourer

On some previous meta stairs, this Hero is a character that is very often the choice of players in various regions of the world. One of the reasons Outworld Devourer is often an option is its existence which is considered to counter Invoker.

But this Hero is becoming forgotten because the farming stage is considered long enough. And if the enemy Hero buys Black King Bar items, then the Hero's effectiveness level drops very far. In the last three months, the percentage of players who chose Hero was only 3.7 percent.

6. Omniknight

There are times when this character is a very reliable Hero offlane. But somehow the percentage of Hero elections decreased to only 3.26 percent. Seeing this character as a versatile Hero who can be placed in various positions, it is rather strange if Omniknight becomes less popular.

Maybe one of the reasons is that players at this time prefer to use Hero offlane which can double as a carry if the main carry is not so effective.

5. Puck

Puck, with QoP (Queen of Pain), SF (Shadow Fiend), Storm Spirit, and Invoker are the main Heroes that appear in our brain when discussing the position of the midlane. After that the existence of Puck disappears and appears in the offlane position. However, currently, Puck only has an election rate of 2.51 percent, due to the effectiveness of Puck which has reached its maximum level and is difficult to develop again in the mid-game phase

4. Razor

Since the lane division of lane 2-1-2, Razor is one of the most effective carry options. But for some reason since experiencing a little nerf, this Hero has been forgotten.

This is also due to the fact that weak heroes against Razor have also rarely become an option so that the use of other carry-out is more effective. The Razor has only gained 2.36 percent pick rate in the past three months.

3. Arc Warden

This hero had become a favorite and overpowered character; You can buy a Divine rapier and use Ultimate Tempest Double to attack without making the item fall when your fake Hero is killed.

Apart from that since the Hero and the copy have the cooldown of each item and the players can distinguish between the original Hero and the imitation, the enthusiasts of this character are greatly reduced. The percentage of players choosing Hero is only 2.07 percent.

2. Leshrac

There are times when this Hero is a favorite character to play in the midlane. One of the advantages of Leshrac is that it can deal a huge damage area per second.

But the existence of this Hero was forgotten since the appearance of the Aghanim's Scepter effect for Mirana and the existence of the Hero Death Prophet; because the two heroes are perceived to be able to provide damage comparable to Leshrac with less 'capital' (where is the pool and so on). The pick rate from the midlane king dropped to only 1.73 percent.

1. Lone Druid

This one hero is one of the most popular heroes both as a carry or offlaner. By maximizing the use of Spirit Bear that can be raised by him, the Druid Lone is one of the Hero that is the easiest to break down the opponent's tower. But somehow this Hero has not been favored. The percentage of players choosing it is not even up to 1 percent - only 0.96 percent.

That was the seven Hero Dota 2 that had been forgotten by the players. If you still play these Heroes, the author congratulates you because you are one of the (very) small players who still play these characters.