7 Interesting Facts from Mera, the Queen of Atlantis in Aquaman's Film

Beautiful actress Amber Heard is confirmed to be the queen of Atlantis and accompanies Aquaman in his solo film. In the comic version, Mera is the wife of Aquaman. Because Aquaman is the King of Atlantis, Mera is automatically the Queen of Atlantis. Some DC fans may have learned that Aquaman's solo film, which was worked on by James Wan, will tell the story of the siblings' conflicts. Where Arthur Curry the Aquaman will save Atlantis from his evil sister, Orm. But the effort was not done by himself, Aquaman was also assisted by Mera which became the attraction of the film. Well, before watching Mera's action with Aquaman, first find some interesting facts below.

7 Fakta Menarik dari Mera, Sang Ratu Atlantis dalam Film Aquaman

7. Coming from the Bermuda Triangle

Although in his comic Mera is told to be the Queen of Atlantis, in fact, she came from Xebel, a dimension of water known as the Aqua Dimension. Xebel itself is a separate region from the kingdom of Atlantis, where this region became a place of exile for the criminals of Atlantis. The Aqua dimension itself is in the ocean of the Bermuda Triangle, where the sea is indeed known to have peculiarities until now. Closed behind the Bermuda Triangle, Xebel is a difficult location to reach, especially the Xebel residents also cannot easily get out of the area. In Xebel not all of them contained Atlantis outlaws, there were ordinary people and the Mera family who were born as members of the Xebel kingdom.

6. Has High Loyalty

Although he came from a different area from Aquaman, Mera had very high loyalty in Atlantis. This was proven when he occupied the position of Queen of Atlantis and was exposed to a problem that made him have to be captured. when he was about to be arrested, Mera claimed that he was not a traitor as people thought. In fact, she was trapped because he was known as the daughter of the Kingdom of Xebel.

5. Never Lead Atlantis

After becoming a partner of Aquaman, Mera also automatically became Queen of Atlantis. In a story, Mera was a leader in Atlantis replacing Aquaman who was not in his royal court. With this position, Mera could control all Atlantis troops under her will.

4. Never Have Two Children

The relationship between Aquaman and Mera was also told to have a child called Aquababy. Unfortunately, this little boy named Arthur Curry didn't live long because he was killed by a Black Manta attack. Even so, Mera also had a second child who could become the next Aquaman, but apparently, the second child was his marriage to Thanatos disguised as Aquaman.

3. Ever Near Death

Mera was once told that he was almost dead due to Aquaman's negligence. When there is a battle with the giant jellyfish, Aquaman accidentally makes Mera fall into a ravine that makes him die. Where in fact he is not dead, but his soul is in another dimension. When his body was about to be buried, Mera surprisingly woke up and explained what had happened to him.

2. Ever Intended to Kill Aquaman

Before establishing love with Aquaman, Mera was told to have the intention to kill him. This happened when Mera revealed his true identity, where he claimed to be sent by the Xebel kingdom to kill Aquaman in order to avenge all the people of Atlantis who were banished to the place. But this did not happen, until finally Mera became Queen of Atlantis with Aquaman and vowed not to betray.

1. Never Lose from Wonder Woman

Although Mera has great strength, Mera is not a match for Wonder Woman. In his comic, Mera was involved in a quarrel with Wonder Woman who wanted to marry Aquaman. The marriage intends to end the conflict between the Amazon and Atlantis. Brutally, Wonder Woman managed to hold Mera's head and lifted her like a trophy.

Now that's some interesting facts from Mera, the Queen of Atlantis in Aquaman's solo film. The film itself will soon air on December 14, 2018.