7 Interesting Facts of Mysterio, Villain in Spider-Man: Far From Home

At the beginning of October, there was a scene about the leak of actor Jake Gyllenhaal who was seen using Mysterio's costume. This one villain figure is mentioned will appear in the new film Spider-Man: Far From Home which was worked on by Marvel Studios. Among the villains faced by Spider-Man, Mysterio's figure is the most unique. The reason is, this one villain is considered the most 'bad' because it does not have superpowers at all. If you have ever played Spider-Man 2 on the PlayStation 2, in that game Mysterio is very easily defeated. Well, now Mysterio will reappear in the film Spider-Man: Far From Home. Before watching it, first, know some interesting facts below.


7. There are 3 versions of Mysterio

Quentin Beck was the first Mysterio figure, while Daniel Berkhart was the second Mysterio who was far more agile and agile and Francis Klum was the third most amazing Mysterio. Unlike Beck and Berkhart, Klum is a mutant that can control the human body. By capitalizing on this ability, Klum can make the person he controls to do whatever he wants. Well, through the Spider-Man leak: Far From Home, it seems that what appears is the first Mysterio figure which means that Jake Gyllenhaal will play Quentin Beck.

6. Don't Have Super Power

Among the three existing versions of Mysterio, Quentin Beck is the weakest. He does not have any superpowers or mutants, so in carrying out his actions, Quentin always uses various sophisticated gadgets that he created himself based on his experience as a former magician. Some of the gadgets he used to fool Spider-Man include; shoes that can make him jump and stick in the air like Spider-Man. Although the weakest, but Beck also has martial skills that he had learned when he was a stuntman in Hollywood.

5. Disguise experts

Besides being good at using various gadgets, Mysterio is also capable of disguising. This is done not using a mask on his face, but using a kind of artificial substance that can make people around him deceived. His expertise was told in the comic The Amazing Spider-Man # 13 which was released in June 1964.

4. Ever joined Sinister Six

Sinister Six villain group has one goal, namely to paralyze Spider-Man. With the same purpose, Mysterio once joined other villains. But the motives of Mysterio were based on revenge because Spider-Man had jailed him for theft at the Midtown Museum.

3. Mysterio's Artificial Gas Can Cripple Spider Sense

Spider-Man is very superior in martial arts because he has a Spider-Sense that can make him guess his opponent's movements. But Mysterio turned out to have an artificial gas that could make this ability could not be used for 30 minutes. This is certainly very troublesome for Spider-Man when dealing with Mysterio. But when this happens, Spider-Man immediately uses his instincts and intelligence to confront this archenemy.

2. Ever Collaborated with the Red Skull

The Mysterio figure who collaborated with the Red Skull this time was not Quentin Beck, but Francis Klum who was a mutant. He and his archenemies Captain America once intended to take control of the United States by overthrowing all members of the X-Men, even though in the end the effort eventually failed.

1. Torture Wolverine

This last point is related to the sixth point, because the collaboration between Mysterio aka Klum and the Red Skull is present in the Old Man Logan comic that was released in 2018. In the comic, Klum is said to make Wolverine influenced by the power of Klum which made Wolverine under his consciousness kill colleagues Other X-Men. After Wolverine realized what he had done, he finally decided to no longer be Wolverine.