7 Monsters That Are Terrible in Video Game!

Limitations of the senses for monsters are not an obstacle to preying on the target. This is evident from some video games that have monsters that have no sense of sight. Even though they don't have eyes, this monster still turns off and even knows the target location is hiding. Now before Halloween celebration, this time DuniaGames will discuss some monsters that have no eyes but still creepy! 


7. The Lickers - Resident Evil 2

If you're a big fan of the Resident Evil series, it's certainly no stranger to a monster named Lickers. This monster is a human who mutates into a deadly zombie in the franchise. Although it has no sense of sight, Lickers can find out the location where the target is by relying on its sharp sense of smell and hearing. Even in the dark, Lickers can move quickly and prey on their targets using their long tongues.

6. The Nurses - Silent Hill

Don't be fooled by the sexy appearance of The Nurses in the Silent Hill game. Although it has the appearance of a nurse, this faceless monster is very good at knowing its target location. This monster was originally the nurses who worked in Alchemilla and Brookhaven hospitals. But an incident caused the nurses to turn into monsters with creepy faces. The nurses are the only monsters that still have a sexy body with faces that are not worth seeing.

5. Xenomorph - Alien: Isolation

There is nothing more thrilling when you have to survive alone on a starship that contains a monster named Xenomorph. In Alien: Isolation, Xenomorph is a creepy alien that has no sense of sight. He relies on his sense of hearing and his keen sense of smell, especially if you can't freely kill Xenomorph directly, but you have to plan and solve each puzzle in order to avoid the existence of deadly aliens.

4. The Bersekers - Gears of War

The Bersekers are giant monsters that you have to face in the game Gears of War. Even though they look like they have eyes but in reality these monsters are blind, so in eliminating their target, the Bersekers only rely on their sense of smell and hearing. Don't breathe near The Bersekers, because if he hears it he will immediately run brutally towards the sound!

3. The Keeper - The Evil Within

The Keeper aka Boxhead is a large human-shaped monster with an iron box head in The Evil Within. His horrific figure will fight using an ax that is also no less frightening, along the mission that becomes a mini-campaign from the main game. Although it has no vision, this one monster also relies on the sense of hearing and smell. With his head using an iron box, it is not easy to be knocked down with hot lead.

2. Clickers - The Last of Us

If you have ever felt the thrill of The Last of Us, you will also have to deal with Clickers. Humans who mutate to become more deadly do not have a sense of sight. So that he only relies on the sense of hearing and smell. Clickers become the most aggressive monster among other zombies in the game.

1. Pyramid Head - Silent Hill

The Pyramid Head is one of the iconic monsters of the Silent Hill franchise that has been created to terrorize James Sunderland the main character in Silent Hill 2. The monster that has no head cannot be killed even though you have spewed dozens of bullets and can only be stopped when he decides to kill himself after you have solved the puzzle provided.