8 Horror Games That Raise the Theme of Foreign Folklore!

Folk stories are very many in the world. Without you knowing it, there are so many frightening folklore among the many stories. These eight games are inspired by this folklore and all are very creepy! Let's listen to eight horror games that raise the theme of foreign folklore!

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1. Pamali

Origin: Indonesia

This game which is quite phenomenal and very well known to foreign countries is taken from stories about various ghosts in Indonesia. Call it like ghosts Pocong, Kuntilanak, and Tuyul you can find in this game. In addition to selling in terms of Indonesian culture, this game has a very gripping and tense atmosphere.

2. Boogeyman

Origin: America, England

Boogeyman is an Indie game with the theme of a creature named Boogeyman. These creatures are often told by parents to frighten their children who do not want to sleep. Nobody knows the true form of this creature but usually, he is described as a creature with a masculine gender as shown in this game.

3. Vampyr

Origin: Europe

According to its name, Vampyr raised the theme of vampires and set in the Queen Victoria era in England. As we know, in this game we will play as a vampire who must drink human blood and avoid the sun. Uniquely, besides acting as a vampire, you also have to carry out your duties as a doctor!

4. Dreadout

Origin: Indonesia

Here is a pioneering game that makes game developers in Indonesia famous in the eyes of the world! Dreadout tells the story of a high school student named Linda who was stranded in a village that had been abandoned by its inhabitants. Later you will meet ghosts with Indonesian taste!

5. Fatal Frame

Origin: Japan

Here is one of the scariest game series ever created. Fatal Frame is a game series that carries the theme of ghosts from folklore and Japanese culture. You will very often meet ghosts like Sadako from The Ring / Ju-On series and worse, you have to photograph these ghosts to defeat them!

6. The Crooked Man

Origin: England

The Crooked Man comes from a nursery rhyme song or a lullaby in the UK. But because the song is so scary that it can make adults feel uneasy. The Crooked Man takes inspiration from this song and makes it even scarier! Although the graphics are two-dimensional, this game is guaranteed to make you goosebumps and feel scared!

7. Kuchisake Onna

Origin: Japan

You may rarely hear the name of this ghost in Japanese. Kuchisake Onna is a game that draws inspiration from the very frightening folklore "Torn-mouthed Woman" from Japan. In this game, you must avoid this ghost who will chase you to kill you.

8. Until Dawn

Origin: America

Until Dawn is a game title that is very popular in the world and is indeed known as one of the very spooky games. Until Dawn raised a folklore from America, Wendigo. This creature is famous for eating humans and of course, is a very fierce creature! Likewise in this game, Wendigo will make your heart beat faster.