9 Best Android Racing Games Under 100MB

Racing games have become one of the most popular game genres on Android. This speeding game can win the title because it can boost adrenaline while training your reflexes. Do not miss also you can drive a variety of cool cars that can be invited to run fast. However, not all of the best Android racing games you can enjoy due to data and quota limitations.


But, because the author has chosen the best racing game on Android with a small data size, even under 100 MB. Let's just check the list!

9. Crazy for Speed

Crazy for Speed racing game has cool graphics with very light data sizes. Besides that, the cars are also beautiful and you can customize them too.

8. Rally Racer Dirt

If you like cars that drift, you will match one game. Rally Racer Dirt presents a slick drifting style.

7. Revolution Offroad: Spin Simulation

Although not a speeding game, Revolution Offroad remains a fun racing game. You will be challenged with a very difficult road field, only can be passed by offroad cars.

6. Vertigo Racing

Vertigo Racing has racing gameplay that is quite unique. You have to control your car to not get out of the track and have to be able to reach the gas station so that your car can continue the journey.

5. Space Racing 2

This one racing game has a futuristic theme. The car here is no longer using tires because it has already floated. The speed has also exceeded the speed of today's fastest car.

4. Racing Horizon

Racing Horizon is a challenging racing game. Even though the track is straight, you will often be blocked by other road users, to the point that you can be chased by the police.

3. Rush Rally 2

Rush Rally 2 provides a realistic rally racing experience for lightweight game sizes. Set the car to remain on the track to be an exciting challenge.

2. Traffic Tour

In this game, you will be speeding up on a highway full of other cars. Your car is fully gassed until it's stuck while avoiding another car. The term drag race on the highway.

1. Asphalt Nitro

Asphalt Nitro is a frugal version of the famous racing game series, Asphalt. With a small data size, you can already feel how unique playing Asphalt games are famous for tap cars and slick racing gameplay.

That was nine of the best racing games under 100 MB that you can try right now. Because the data size is light, it will also be smoothly played on your smartphone.