Assassin's Creed Rebellion Will Be Released on Mobile, In November!?

It seems that by 2018 it is increasingly common for game developers to make mobile versions of their games. RPG games like Final Fantasy 15, also make the mobile version via FF XV Pocket Edition.

As if not wanting to lose, Ubisoft through one of their favorite works, the Assassin’s Creed series, is now released on mobile! The game to be released on mobile alone is Assassin 's Creed Rebellion, an AC game that uses 15th century Spain as a background.


This game itself will come on November 21, 2018, so make sure you keep up with the Google Play Store if you are curious about this game. AC: Rebellion is present on mobile in collaboration with mobile behavior developers who also developed Fallout Shelter. So it's not surprising if this game has gameplay that is quite similar to the Fallout Shelter, which is the Assassin’s headquarters development feature.

AC Game: This rebellion itself has been awaited since a year ago. After a long time there was no news, finally, on this day, Ubisoft decided to determine the exact date of the release of this game.