Boruto Theory: 5 Things That May Be Revealed from the 4th Opening of Boruto, Lonely Go!

Since Boruto Episode 76 yesterday, the anime series presents a new opening song titled Lonely Go! which was composed by the band Brian the Sun. Not only does it show new songs with exciting animations, but it seems that the fourth opening of the Boruto anime keeps a number of secrets for the next episodes! Anything? Let's peek together.


5. Ice Monsters, New Enemies ...

The thing that was clearly the most striking and made fans wonder from the opening of the Lonely Go! this is the appearance of a giant ice monster; considering that there are not often large creatures like that, let alone those made from the strength of this kind of element.

Freezing part of Boruto's body until he can't move whether this ice monster is a new enemy that Team 7 must face after they save Mitsuki? Who calls him, are Mitsuki's mysterious 'friends' said to be from Iwagakure? Does that mean Iwagakure keeps a powerful Ice Element jutsu? Or is it precisely that the monster is created in the same way as the Iwagakure ninja that doesn't look like that 'ordinary human'? Lots of questions about this one scene!

4. ... Or Just Symbolism?

On the other hand, often the opening scenes of the Naruto and Boruto anime show a moment that doesn't appear in the anime itself. Like Sakura, Ino, and Hinata against Konan in the seventh opening of Naruto Shippuden; or crystals held by all ninja who participated in the Fourth Shinobi World War in Naruto Shippuden's 18th opening; or even Mitsuki's scene against Kyoho Fuefuki in the second opening of Boruto as the most recent example.

If it's true like that then the ice monster might just describe Boruto's struggle; face a problem that blocks him until he can't move, but can fight back thanks to the support of his family and friends. Does the problem relate to his willingness to save Mitsuki even though he doesn't know the reason behind his friend's departure?

3. Will the Sunagakure Team Reappear?

If this feels like something that will indeed happen sooner or later remembering Naruto and Gaara are friends so the two villages have a close relationship and the Shinki are the few people who master the Magnet Elements. But when will they appear again after the Chuunin Exam?

Between in arc Mitsuki rescue this time; maybe before the final episodes they appeared to help Boruto and his friends like Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari come to help Rock Lee, Kiba, and Shikamaru. Or after the arc is over they will be highlighted again.

2. Other Konoha Genin Teams Will Not Play a Role?

A summary of the story in the Boruto spoiler Episode 77 says that Team 5, which contains Iwabee, Denki, and Metal Lee, saw a suspicious act of a Konoha ninja. It seems to indicate that they will be involved in Mitsuki's departure.

However, if we see the Lonely Go! Opening, all that appears is: Team 7 contains Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki; Team 10 contains Inojin, Shikadai, and Chocho; and the Shinki, Araya, and Yodo Teams. So that's a sign that only they have an important role during the anime. Boruto is still wearing this opening, right?

1. Kagemane no Jutsu Will Become Stronger Again?

Finally, it seems that Shikadai uses Kagemane no Jutsu not only to stop the ice rocks that will hit Boruto, but even make threads and bridges using the power of the shadow.

Does that mean that Kagemane no Jutsu can be made into a solid object in the future and not just control shadows on the ground / other objects? Of course this will be the development of the Konoha ninja power that is worth waiting for!